PEMF Therapy And Why It Matters

You may already know that PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy but what is all the fuss about and why should it matter to me? Well, for starters, everything is energy…including us. Therefore it only stands to reason that anything that benefits our energy is important to our overall well-being.

When we think about the vital elements we need to survive and provide us with optimal health the first things that typically come to mind are food, water, oxygen, and sunlight but electromagnetism is very much a part of that list.

We know when we are deficient in most of those elements. When we’re thirsty, we grab a nice cool glass of water. When we’re hungry, we refuel ourselves with a meal. When our energy, our electromagnetic frequencies, are out of sync or too high or too low we…….? Hmm…not something you’ve probably ever asked yourself or even been aware of, I’ll bet.

That’s because when we are deficient in, or hyper-stimulated by, this element we generally attribute it to something else. Why?

Because the effects of electromagnetic energy are as old as the earth itself.

The science and technology of PEMF is still relatively new and the information surrounding it has not been widely circulated. But all that’s changing.

More and more we are beginning to hear about the research that has been done regarding PEMF, like this clinical trial on post operative care. You may have already read about it yourself, already tried PEMF therapy or know of someone who has…it may even be why you are reading this article today. This information can’t come fast enough or at a better time as most people are looking to take charge of their own health.

As I researched this article, one quote has really stuck out to me:

“Every activity of our cells can ONLY take place due to electrical impulse. PEMF is a benefit for mankind from infant to geriatric and will lead to a change in the paradigm of medicine” ~ Dr. Linus Pauling – Double Nobel Prize Winner

 PEMF therapy isn’t new age mumbo jumbo or some crazy alternative healing craze. It is a science-based, clinically-proven, FDA/Health Canada approved therapy for better health. If you haven’t already tried it, now is the time!

Stay tuned next week…

“How Does This Thing Work?” for the science behind the therapy.