The history of using magnetic fields – PEMF and Bemer Therapy –  to heal is over 5000 years old. Over this course of time, the ancient Greeks to Nikola Tesla to Dr. Thomas Goodwin, are among those
who have successfully used magnetic fields, in one form or another, to provide the science
we have today.

For 30 years Dr. Thomas Goodwin, a cellular physiologist, and bioengineer at NASA’s
Johnson Space Center, expanded the boundaries of human physiology and bioengineering
and in 2003 conducted a 4 year, 3.5 million dollar study which showed successful nerve
stimulation and tissue restoration with PEMF. This informed NASA’s decision to sign an exclusive agreement with Bemer to help mitigate the effects of space travel on its astronauts.

While the study was not limited to PEMF, it did conclude that this therapy, hands down,
provided the best results. Dr. Goodwin and his team of researchers focused on many
parameters including, waveform, frequency, intensity, etc. What they found was low
frequency, low intensity, and rapidly varying PEMF signals provided the greatest efficacy. It
is these results, and the science behind them, that has given us the PEMF machines and
mats that we use today.

PEMF has been approved and available for use in Canada and the U.S. for over a decade to
treat a wide array of conditions, not only in humans but in pets. There are a handful of
reputable devices on the market and while each one may slightly differ in the look, feel,
accessories available and even the waveform being used, they each offer the same
substantial PEMF results. We’ll look closer at the devices in a subsequent post.

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