I discovered the benefits of Cypress Essential Oil as it was one of the first oils I purchased in my pursuit to understand how oils fit into the Chinese Medical spectrum. Rather than speaking of chemotypes, Chinese Medicine recognizes smells, flavors and temperatures as all having different physiological effects in the body. To learn more about this concept check out my 6-week course on Chinese Medicine and Essential Oils.

Some of the Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil from the Chinese Medicine paradigm are as follows:

  • Helps clear Lung heat and transform dampness.
    • Thermally cypress essential oil is slightly cooling so it can help to calm Lungs that contain too much pathological heat. Heat in the Lung can manifest as a cough, yellow phlegm, wheezing and even chest tightness. The phlegm is what we would call dampness in this case. Dampness can show up in different areas of the body but is often stored in the Lungs.
  • It’s Spicy and helps open the Lungs.
    • Spicy or pungent flavors open up and for the Lung energy to flow in its spontaneous way, they need to be open. When they are tight, our breathe can be compromised and we can easily experience wheezing and anxiety.
  • It is also Bitter.
    • Bitter moves down and is slightly drying. This helps open up the Lung Qi mechanism whose natural flow is to be open as stated above but to also move down.
  • Chinese medicine is all about relationship, never about just the one affected organ.
    • The Lungs send Qi down and the Kidneys grasp the Qi. When the Kidneys are involved, the qi isn’t anchored (not fixed – but anchored) and can cause rebellion of the Qi mechanism, giving way to any one of the above symptoms.
  • These are a few of the main benefits of Cypress Essential oil. It is one of my go-to oils for respiratory disorders and I made a beautiful blend of 5 oils during a time that I was in respiratory distress. You can find that blend in this blog.

A few of the benefits of Cypress Essential Oil from a western perspective…

  • Helps flush away toxins
    • Cypress Oil helps flush toxins (part of the effect of the bitter flavor) and also increases sweat and perspiration (part of the effect of the spicy/pungent flavor). It’s an excellent addition to any blend when our health is being compromised from excessive toxins.
    • I also believe that as it does this on a cellular level it also does this on an emotional level and can help the Livers ability to move harmoniously and flush out excessive emotions that may build up leaving us with more flow in our lives.
  • Helps blood circulation and varicose veins.
    • The spicy flavors get things moving. It moves the Qi of its resonant organ.
  • Helps with Anxiety
    • Another stellar benefit of Cypress Essential Oil is that as it has that effect of opening and moving, it can help to ease anxiety due to feeling closed in or like we don’t have enough space to breathe
  • For more western benefits and studies Dr. Axe is a great resource.

Cypress Essential Oil can be used in a 5% dilution.

Until next time,