Seek: An Introduction to Chinese Medicine

Making Chinese Medicine Accessible

Discover how body & mind are connected
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What other Seekers are saying...

What I found most impactful was learning about my constitution as well as all of the other elements. Tying in the oils was a great way to experience the learning as well. The whole course was very well presented and the group discussions were awesomely helpful.


Paula’s light shines so brightly when teaching about Chinese Medicine and Essential Oils. Her heart’s passion pours into every word she says, you can’t help but want to dive deeper into the information with her. 

Paula’s course content is clear, well-planned, thorough, and quite beautiful. Her courses speak to those without any background knowledge of Chinese Medicine. 

She really is something special, and I wholeheartedly recommend people engage in her courses.

Discover how the Qi (life force) moves through the body. 
Learn how specific acupuncture points influence your body & your emotional state.
Deepen into each elements connection to certain emotions like; fear, anger, worry, joy & sadness.
Your host
Dr. Paula Woodward
I completed my 5-Year Chinese Medical program in 2005. With over 13 years of clinical experience working with a variety of people and disharmonies, I have come to know that the body and mind are inherently connected. 

My love of nature is highlighted in Chinese Medicine 5-element theory and it is through this lens that we can see most patterns of disharmony arise in the body, mind and soul.
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