PEMF therapy, which includes Bemer therapy, has been shown to reduce high intracranial pressure, tissue hypoxia – lack of oxygen,blood-brain barrier degradation, and neuronal necrosis – the death of neurons, due to changes in microcirculation. This initial study done on rats shows promising results using PEMF and Bemer therapy for optimal brain health.

How does PEMF and Bemer therapy work?

In one of our earlier blogs, found here, we discussed the basics of PEMF and how it works. Let’s get a bit more detailed and talk specifically about Bemer and how its signals work in increase microcirculation by 30%.

Bemer works on the microvessels.

The circulatory system consists of:

  •  14.5% veins
  • 11.5% arteries
  • 74% microvessels.

You can imagine then why stimulating the microvessels would have a large impact on health as it makes up almost 75% of the blood vessels in our body. What is unique to Bemer is their patented signal that effectively stimulates the contractility of the small vessels. Blood is then able to pump through the vessels and get to harder to reach regions of the body, more effectively. Here is a great video explaining all of this and more.


For the health of our bodies and our minds, we need our blood to be flowing, unimpeded. There is so much we still don’t know about the brain but what we do know is how important it is in the health and wellbeing of each person. How we think, how we feel, hormones and how they communicate and affect the rest of our body all have to do with how our brain is functioning. Bemer may not be able to cure any diseases but it certainly gives you a leg up when it comes to prevention, life longevity and our overall feeling of wellbeing.

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