Sweet and lemony Palmarosa has a beautiful harmonizing quality that makes it a great oil for working with Heart wounds. It seems to have an affinity for the Small Intestine Meridian.

Its gift is helping remind us what is nourishing to the Heart.

The Small Intestine is the envoy to the Heart. It is responsible for discerning what input, from the outside world, is permitted entry. There is an emotionally integrative quality to the Heart in that it processes emotions as they arise and as they respond to the external world. Considered the Emperor, it holds a unique position in the body ecosystem in that it is susceptible to perturbations where one would have an emotional response to something. This commonly shows up in a relationship or during periods of high emotion, whether it be a momentous event like the birth of a child or something unexpected that happens and leaves us with residual wounds either physically or emotionally.

If the Heart has been injured there is chaos that ensues in one’s life.

Polar responses to benign concerns, lack of presence and chronic lateness are all indications of dysfunction that is still present. When the Emperor is in chaos, the kingdom, or queendom, is in chaos as the spirit of the other organ officials look to the Heart for their ‘heavenly’ guidance as it imbues spiritual consciousness to the whole body via the blood.

Over time blood issues, emotional concerns such as depression and anxiety as well as insomnia can ensue.

During times of great stress, the Small Intestine is affected as it attempts to mitigate the impact of emotional turmoil by absorbing some of the shock. Being a hollow organ, energy and life force move through it and its responsibility is to move the disruptive energy through and out of the body. However, left with residual wounding, the Small Intestines function of discernment falters. Rather than responding to life as intuitive flow, it begins responding by over-processing information, analyzing every detail to the nth degree and existing in a state of analysis paralysis and confusion. No longer able to discern what is nourishing and what isn’t, trauma within the Heart is reinforced.

Palmarosa is a great ally when there is a conflict between thinking and feeling.

Its sweet nature earths the Heart and Small Intestine. Earth is our source of nourishment. This is the key to remembering what is truly nourishing to the body and mind.  It can help shift a body/mind disconnect where we believe that we must be militant in our control over what comes in and what stays out. This quality often shows up in a person who excessively exerts boundaries or seems to have none at all leaving them feeling lonely and isolated or at the whim of everyone else’s feelings, respectively. This beautiful oil reconnects the intuitive nature and wisdom of our bodies ability to ebb and flow with experiences that are nourishing to our hearts and to our spirits.

Points that Palmarosa can be applied to.

When working with essential oils use your intuition. Tune in to the oil and its effect on you. Notice where you feel it in your body. Does it affect your mind? Your skin? Your muscles? Begin developing a relationship with the plant you are interested in working with. Share what is happening and ask it if it will work with you. Bit by bit, see what unfolds.

Palmarosa can be used neat or diluted to 50%. Use light touch with the fingertips when working on the mental/emotional/shen body. Shen is often translated as the spirit of the Heart. Apply daily if you feel called.

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Love for the light and the dark within,


  • Ren 12 – Central Cavity
    • Ren 12 is the gathering point of the Stomach organ. Meaning the Qi (energy) of the Stomach accumulates here, empowering the virtue of reciprocity and nourishment. It is an important point to nourish Earth and therefore nourish the entire body/mind complex.

  • Ren 4 – Origin Pass
    • Ren 4 is the gathering point of Qi (energy) for the Small Intestine. The name draws our attention to its ability to connect us to our original nature. Pass can be understood as passageway or gate. The passageway to our original nature is how I like to understand this point.

  • Small Intestine 3-4
    • Small Intestine 3 can be understood as a point that helps bring vision to the discernment process.
    • Small Intestine 4 clears away what has been processed and assimilated and is no longer useful to our true nature.

  • Kidney 23 – Spirit Seal
    • Restores and unblocks the expression of spirit (Heart Shen)