General Information

Essential Oil blends are a great way to support your mental emotional state throughout the month. Each essential oil roller bottle is uniquely blended to support one of the five Chinese Medicine elements; Water, Fire, Wood, Metal and Earth.

Ways to use them

Each elemental essential oil roller bottle is best supported on its associated meridian. In general, you can also apply it to the inside of your wrists, so it is easily accessible to smell throughout the day. As well, the meridians on the inside of the wrist all go to the chest and connect with the Heart, which processes all emotions and emotional events.

General Use

Our olfactory system is directly linked to the emotional processing center in our brains. This is why smell has a direct and rapid effect on our mental emotional state. You can use it for:

  • General well being
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep/Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anger/Irritability
  • Overthinking
  • To feel more grounded in your body
  • To support transitions such as moving, loss of loved one or relationship, children leaving the nest etc.
  • To support our general constitution

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about Chinese Medicine, the elements and essential oils check out this 6-week course.

General Metal Element Themes:

Emotional Association: Grief and Sadness

Understanding intuitively with is of true value and essence and worth retaining and what is worth for letting go.

Associated Organs: Lungs & Large Intestine

Letting go of attachments that are no longer serving

Feeling Cut off from life

Finding Inspiration

The Death phase – supports us in times of literal, metaphorical & psychic death.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about Chinese Medicine, the elements and essential oils check out this 6-week course.

The Blend

Metal is supported in the essential oil blend through the alchemy of Lime Essential Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil, Vetiver Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil and Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

Just as the death and rebirth of anything can take time, so does the unfolding of this aromatics in this blend. Give it time, inhaling it, once applied, every few minutes to receive it’s full effects and range.

Each oil has been selected because of its specific relationship to the metal element and how they harmonize the relationship of metal to the other elements.

Lime Essential Oil – Lime is energizing and uplifting and can be an ally in times of acute grief and sadness. Because it is a peel and very aromatic, it aids in the transformation of heavy pathogenic factors referred to as dampness. This applies to heaviness in the lungs and in the digestive system as it also works with the Stomach. It won’t take your feelings away, but it will help you to feel them and therefore process them with more clarity.

Black Pepper Essential Oil – This spicy oil wakes us up from periods of dark slumber. IT doesn’t do the work of death for you, no oil does, but it can help us maintain that fine balance of going into the darkness but not getting lost in it. With an affinity for the Lungs, Large Intestine and Stomach, it helps process issues we may be struggling with.

Vetiver Essential Oil – This essential oil is diverse and potent. The roots of vetiver reach 13-14 feet down into the ground and is an excellent ally when we are needing help feeling rooted and grounded in life. Any major transition can leave us feeling like we have lost our footing. The downward movement of this thick syrupy oil helps us feel like our feet are firmly rooted into the earth during the natural descent and often rocky transition of the death phase.

Frankincense Essential Oil – Much has been written on this potent elixir. IN this blend it works with finding the truth of the matter as we transition in life. It helps us go into and work with the shadow parts of self, helping us understand at our core what is worth holding onto and what is worth letting go of. A deep ally in the death transition.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – One of if not the most commonly used essential oils for opening the lungs, Eucalyptus can help us catch our breath in times when transition is imminent. IT helps us breathe and relax into the moment and works with any obstacles in the way of that transition. Physically this means phlegm in the Lungs, psychically this can be the burden of loss and letting go.

Where to roll

Rolling along the Lung & Large Intestine meridians will help support the healthy and balanced function of the Metal Element.

Alternatively, you can roll it on the insides of your wrists.

Lung Meridian – Beginning at the inside of the thumb, up the inside of the arm to the chest.

Large Intestine Meridian – Beginning at the outside of the second finger, up the outside of the arm through the neck to the nose.

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