Meet. Dr. Paula

Like most people living their divinely inspired purpose, my passion found me.


I was initially introduced to acupuncture while going through a divorce, raising a small child and running my own glass blowing business. Stretched to the max, angry, exhausted and completely overwhelmed, that first experience connected dots and answered questions I had been asking for years. You mean to tell me the body and mind really are connected? That the emotions I am feeling are affecting how I feel physically? An insatiable curiosity set in and for the first time in a long time, I felt relaxed and grounded.

After completing a 5-year Chinese Medical program, which included time in China with rotations in multiple departments, I was burnt out. I couldn’t bear the thought of spending the next however many years of my life talking about Qi (The Chinese word for Life Force/Energy). So, as I did back in the day, I took extreme measures to make sure this wouldn’t happen. I burned books, diplomas and every note I had ever taken and packed up my car and moved across the country, to Ontario.

For 2.5 years I let the memory of who I was fade into the background, never speaking a word to anyone about Chinese Medicine. During this time, life presented other opportunities in the realm of self-development, communication and plant medicines. Unbeknownst at the time, these 2.5 years were critical learning years both personally and professionally. Eventually, through a sales job with a homeopathic company, it became clear that I was on the wrong side of the desk. The call was to be working with people.

So, once again, the car was packed. For the first time in almost 8 years, there was clarity. With Kelowna on the horizon, those years receded into the background. Depth and forward momentum ensued.

Commitment embodied, teachers offering something new and excited began falling out of the woodwork. Different ideas about medicine and practice have fed this fervent desire to go as deep as I can with people and evolve as much as humanly possible. Continuing education is a major facet of life and practice, taking me through a 2 year clinical integration course with Lonny Jarrett, a 2 Year graduate mentorship program with Sharon Weizenbaum, studies with Jeffrey Yuen, a close to completed Bachelor of Science in Psychology and most recently earning my Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine title with the province of BC.

Life is as fascinating as it is magical. What has continued to reveal itself through 10 years of practice, is that we are in a constant relationship with nature. How we move through our life is a response to our past experiences, and it dictates our future. We are often unaware of what is creating our experience and if we are aware we don’t always know how to shift our current circumstance to create a new future.

Chinese Medicine considers all aspects of a person. It takes into account the environment that has given birth to and continues to recreate a person’s physical, emotional and physiological health. Often, when we shift in one domain, the others will follow.

Through the paradigm of Chinese Medicine, we work together to create space for newness to arise.

I look forward to exploring this unfolding with you.

Are you ready to work with Dr. Paula?