How to Use Acupressure For Better Sleep

Sleep is an obsession of mine. Good quality and length of sleep are paramount to good health. In this video, I’ll talk about the Liver/Gall Bladder and Lung’s relationship to sleep. This is according to the Chinese Organ Clock. I will also share how to use acupressure for better sleep as well as essential oils.


The Chinese Clock

Chinese Clock

In this video, we talk about the transition from Liver to Lung time at 3 am. From a meridian perspective, there is a leap that the Qi (energy) Makes as it leaves the Liver meridian and enters the Lung meridian. This is why the acupressure points I’ve chosen to help you sleep better are Liver 14 and Lung 1. (See video for locations).

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER is that you must treat the pattern imbalance. This means that if you try these points and they don’t work it doesn’t mean the points aren’t effective, it just means it’s not your pattern. This article shares a few more common acupressure points for sleep. Check it out and don’t forget to press for tenderness.

Here you can also check out a few more oils you may want to explore. Check it out. 

More acupressure points to help you sleep better

In the video, I reference the points in this blog as well. Either way, if you use Liver 3 and Large Intestine 4 OR Liver 14 and Lung 1, both will help to stimulate the smooth transition of sleep around the 3 am marker. This is when a lot of people wake and have a  tough time getting back to sleep.


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