Thyme Essential Oil is not one you mess around with.

It’s got a serious kick to it and I personally only use it when I am really going for a strong effect. Some of the health benefits of Thyme oil are:

  • Thyme Essential Oil is highly antibacterial. Studies revealed that it was among the top 2 essential oils known for helping mitigate Staphylococcus, including MRSA.
  • Another benefit of Thyme Oil is that it is highly Antioxidant. IN Vitro studies have shown that a variety of Thyme species have strong antioxidant effect due to high phenol content. Other aromatic oils such as rosemary and sage are also considered to have similar effects. Here is a study on the antioxidant efficacy of some of the thyme species.
  • There have been multiple respiratory benefits of Thyme oil found over a number of studies. It has strong antimicrobial affects, is protective to the Lungs and stimulating to the Immune system. It also helps break up congestion to help relieve cough.
  • For more of the western benefits of thyme oil I like Dr. Axe’s site.

Some of the health benefits of Thyme Oil according to Chinese Medicine are:

  • It clears Lung and and Stomach Fire – lets dig into this a little more and try to bridge the meaning gap.
    1. Pathology can show up as being hot or cold in TCM – this is not a conclusive statement as there are other ways pathology shows up, but for the sake of ease we will speak of hot and cold. Typically heat will arise as a result of the Lungs struggling to maintain physiological balance from factors such as toxic inhalants (cigarettes, environmental pollutants) and excessive hot emotions such as rage or anger. Heat is similar to infection and inflammation.
    2. This pathological heat will dry up the Lungs environment – dryness is the climactic factor associated with the Lungs – and can create other symptoms such as difficulty breathing, cough, sticky yellow phlegm etc.
    3. Thyme is cooling so it helps to soothe the hot environment. It is spicy so it opens up the lungs and bitter, so it also has a downward movement. This supports the natural spontaneous flow of energy of the Lungs, which is to move downward.
  • It helps to nourish the Lung Qi and expel phlegm.
    1. Because it supports the opening and downward movement of Lung Qi, it can also be very nourishing to the lungs. The Bitter flavour is slightly parching so it has the ability to dry excessive phlegm that may be trapped in the lungs and thus blocking the Lungs ability to be in balance of flow.

Therapeutically this can be used in an 8% dilution.

It blends great with the oils in this blog. I used it every day for weeks while Kelowna, BC was experiencing the worst smoke from forest fires we have ever seen.

It’s one of my personal faves for any sort of Lung issue.

In my first year of Chinese Medical school my daughter who was 2 at the time contracted Whooping Cough and without actually knowing it, I intuitively started rubbing thyme oil on her back and her spine. This was before the days where we googled everything and the next day I was sharing this with a fellow student who also happened to be a western herbalist and she told me that Thyme is one of the best plants for respiratory infection and cough. So wild.

Please feel free to reach out and share your experience with Thyme Essential Oil.

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