The last the thing I want to leave you with, uh, is less, is more right now.
We’re so overwhelmed. There’s so much information coming at us. And, uh, that’s going to give rise. That overwhelm is what gives rise to the fear, the panic, the anxiety, the anger. So making sure that we don’t put more into our system that we need, and if you’re not familiar with oils, one is all you need. They are so incredibly effective and powerful and potent that all you need is one. So I am just using Rose at night on its own to help with sleep. And I’ve been using the blue Tansy throughout the day. Um, and then the other piece is that the blue Tansy is also quite expensive. So you want to be careful because this can be it a higher incidence of being adulterated. So just make sure that you are getting your oil from a highly respectable and reputable source. My favorite source in Canada is living libations and in the United States, it’s a company called Monara. Okay. I hope that was helpful. I love you all. And I will see you soon.

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