That is going to create so much chronicity in our bodies. It’s degrading our systems, it’s degrading our immune system, which is of course of vital importance right now. And so it’s really important to be able to shift yourself out of that. And I think personally that that’s part of this whole adaptation piece is like, how can I, how can I adapt to what’s going on and get my body into a state where it’s not super stressed so that I can be as healthy as possible so that I can, you know, be in touch with my executive functioning and I can actually consciously make choices in terms of how it is they want to be right now, but also move forward.

And so, um, the point that I’ve chosen is like I said, right on the diaphragm. And so part of the vagus nerve. And so I’ve mentioned this last week, there was a, there was this, um, uh, branch of the vagus nerve that kind of goes down the neck here. And so it’s really nice to put the Rose there, but the Vagus nerve also passes through the diaphragm. So this is why breathing is one of the best ways to get yourself into a calm, parasympathetic, relaxed state. So coupling this with breathing of course is really good.

And then the acupuncture point liver, um, 14. Now, if you’re an acupuncturist, you might disagree with me on this location. Uh, I know that there’s not, it’s not the commonly referenced liver 14 personally. I just do what I find most effective clinically and then personally as well. So I like to locate liver 14, and I’m going to put a video of this at the end, cause I’m not going to pull my shirt up, obviously, because this is social media. But the point is basically if you go to your rib cage, so this is the border of my rib cage right here, and you’re palpating along that.

So just really push into that. You’ll find a tender spot. I typically find the tender spot being almost just right directly below the nipple ish, maybe a little bit, a more kind of towards the midline, just find tender spots along there. Basically that’s going to be the most effective thing. So it’s great because we get the synergy of the blue tansy oil, which we just talked about. We get the synergy of the liver organ system from a Chinese medicine perspective. And then we also get working with the diaphragm and, um, affecting that vagus nerve as well. So this whole combination of things should have you feeling a little bit more calm. I’ll also put, uh, uh, another liver point that’s on the foot. That’s really good as well. Typically just like palpate for tenderness. That’s all you didn’t really need to worry about.

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