And so what I did was I pulled up Blue Tansy. This is one of my go-to oils when I am feeling this way. And partially it’s because, um, so the liver is the organ system that is related to the emotions of anger and irritability. And so when things are not going our way, we have this tendency to get off and it’s the function of the liver to kind of keep us moving forward and also to hold multiple perspectives, interestingly enough. And so from a Western perspective, blue Tansy, and I actually put a little drop of it, um, on here, that’s kind of dissolved a little bit right now, but you can see the color how beautiful it is. So I find even just looking at this color, it just calms me down probably because it’s really good medicine for me, but, um, there’s just, everything is so beautiful about blue Tansy. Um, and so from the Western perspective, it’s part of the chamomile family and the chamomiles are known to be nervines.

So they’re known to be calming, they’re calming to the nervous system. They’re calming just overall in general, to skin, all sorts of things and specific to blue Tansy is anti-inflammatory and anti allergic. And I find this interesting because there is no question that the language that we use is indicative of the pathology or the imbalance that we’re feeling. And so I was feeling incredibly inflammatory. Like the slightest thing clearly was throwing me right off. I wanted to just fly off the handle at the stupidest things. Um, and so even just the allergic piece is like being just really sensitive to our environment, right, where our bodies are just kind of inflamed because we can’t take in more information we’re just overloaded right now. And so it’s beautiful because it kind of works synergistically in that, right? Like however, whatever perspective you want to look at it from, whether it’s the Eastern or the Western, it all sort of blends into this thing of being able to calm us down.

And when we’re calm, we can look at things more objectively. We can look at things with a deeper perspective, with a broader perspective, and we can choose how it is that we want to move forward. So what I’ve been doing, I’ve actually been carrying it around with me, um, every day, um, our all day, sorry. And every time I feel that surge I’ve been just smelling it. And what seems to be happening is that, um, the sort of intensity of the anger spikes, as long as I take that moment and I sniff the oil and I’m sure part of it is the therapy of the, of the aroma of it. And then part of it is just taking the moment to pause. This kind of intensity feels like it’s becoming more of a ripple as I kind of move on throughout the, throughout the week.
And so the point that you can put this on is a liver point that is really close to the diaphragm. And part of this is because, and we’re going to kind of go back a little bit to the vagel tone piece that we were talking about. So the vagus nerve is essentially what will, is like our portal into the parasympathetic state, which is where we can rest. We can digest, we can pause, we can heal. And it’s an really important state to make sure that we’re in and it’s sort of counter a little bit to what’s called the sympathetic nervous system. And the sympathetic nervous system is our get up and go, it’s our got to get the heck out of here. It’s our stress response in a lot of ways. And right now we’re in this perpetual state of stress and that is not good.

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