Blue Tansy Essential Oil on Acupuncture points for Anger

Hi everyone. Before we start today’s video. I just want to take a second to thank all of you who reached out, who commented, who shared what you’re finding beneficial, um, and just your own experience of adapting to this evolutionary stress that we’re all experiencing. I genuinely appreciated it. I, I, earlier in my life, I was such a lone Wolf and thought I had to do everything on my own. So I didn’t ever put a lot of importance into community, but thankfully as I get older, I realize how vital it is to help even if it’s virtual. So not no comment went unnoticed and truly they were all very appreciated. So thank you so much.

And the evolution continues. Uh, I spoke last week about Rose and how it was really helping to calm that sense of overwhelm and just this perpetual, like zzzz thing that was happening. And for me, it felt like my brain was inflamed. And I obviously don’t know if that was actually the case, but when I get into that state of overwhelm, there was no space. It’s like, I can see everything, but I have no idea what needs to actually happen, what needs to get done. So I’m just get paralyzed. There’s no forward momentum whatsoever. So the rose really helped, um, to do that. And so my executive functioning feels like it is a lot more present this week, but in that space what’s arisen. And this is going to be the topic of today’s video is noticing a lot of intense anger. And I noticed it from something so dumb.

I went to work last week. I went to go hang my coat up on the hook behind my door. And I missed the hook coat dropped to the floor. And I was livid. I could feel rage surging up in my entire body, my entire being. I couldn’t believe the audacity of life to get in my way and make me take just a second to pick up my freaking coat from the floor. It was so dumb that it made me pause and be like, Hmm, I don’t think this is healthy. I think you should really look into this and start to understand what’s going on. Where is this anger coming from? And I do know that collectively, there’s a lot more anger out there. I think people are sick of what going on. They’re sick of not being able to socialize. They’re, you know, the sort of ends of the belief systems are becoming more and more divided. And there just feels like there’s a lot more conflict on top of that consistent overwhelm.

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