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January 18, 2021

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Learn more about Anger and it’s relationship to the Liver in Chinese Medicine.

Pharmacological Health Benefits of Blue Tansy

This oil is intoxicating in every way. Its smell, it’s color, and its ability to calm irritation in every way, make it a must-have for any essential oil lover. Before we dive into the health benefits of Blue Tansy oil according to Chinese Medicine, let’s look at some of the pharmacological benefits.

  • According to the American Chemical Society, the chamazulene that is extracted from Blue Tansy is what gives it it’s color and also its incredible anti-inflammatory properties.
  • According to Healthline, the camphor content in Blue Tansy Essential Oil make it excellent for helping repair skin damage. They even suggest that many radiologists will advise cancer patients to make a spray bottle with water for skin burns that can be a result of chemotherapy.
  • Finally, one study found in mice suggests that the Camphor can also help with UV burns.

Some of the health benefits of Blue Tansy Oil according to Chinese Medicine are:

  • It calms Liver Qi Stagnation – Liver Qi (Energy) stagnation, often shows up as emotional irritability, anger and frustration. It helps soothe and harmonize this energy.
  • It helps calm inflammation and allergic responses – It’s sweet and herbaceous nature make it a good one for soothing the inflammatory response. The sweet aroma softens and centers and the herbaceous aroma helps move excess energy in an area. Together they make Blue Tansy Oil excellent for calming inflammatory and allergic responses.

Whether you are looking into the health benefits of blue tansy oil according to western or chinese medicine it’s a beautiful one to help calm inflammation.

Therapeutically this can be used in an 8-15% dilution.

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