Foods to Help Balance Hormones & Nourish Blood

According to Chinese medical philosophy and practice, eating foods that nourish blood will also help balance hormones. While there are many things to consider including, how we eat, what we eat will determine the health of our cycles. Foods that help balance hormones & nourish blood come in a variety of ways. Today I’m going to share a few simple foods as well as a couple of tips to get you started.




A few simple foods to balance hormones & nourish blood

  1. Chlorophyll Rich Foods – these include a lot of your leafy greens such as; kale, spinach, chard, etc. It may go without saying, but organic vegetables are best and if you can get them locally, even better. They retain much more nutrition this way.
  2. Making sure you are eating enough grains because substance makes substance. My preference is unprocessed grains such as rice and quinoa. If you missed WHY eating grains is important check out last week’s blog.
  3. Eating enough protein either through animal products (ethically farmed/organic of course) and/or nuts and seeds.

Other sources of iron that you can incorporate to nourish blood and balance hormones are:

  1. Using a Lucky Iron Fish when cooking. No this isn’t just a fish with a good life.
  2. I’m not a western herbalist but Yellow Dock is an excellent source of iron and also helps increase our body’s ability to absorb iron.

For more ideas you can check out Healthline, they have some great guidelines as well.

Of course, these are just simple broad stroke guidelines to get you thinking. If you have a serious hormonal imbalance be SURE to consult your practitioner before making any changes.

Love for the light and the dark,


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