Finding Hormonal Balance Through Diet

Diet is a key aspect of balancing your hormones. All foods affect the body in one way or another. Food can either act as medicine or poison depending on how it is interacting with us. Today we will focus on dampness as a dietary factor that can affect the balance of your hormones. We will talk about how to spot it, what it’s effects can be as well as finding hormonal balance through diet, with dampness in mind.


Dampness is a dietary pathogenic factor that can interrupt hormonal balance

When dampness is present it blocks the system. When there are blocks in the system, our physiological functions aren’t as efficient as they could be. Dampness can affect many parts of our body, but here we will focus on Diet and Hormones and how we can find hormonal balance through diet.

  1. Symptoms of dampness can be; phlegm, cysts, swellings, pain, etc.
  2. Hormonally this can affect our fertility, the regularity of our cycle, and pain.
  3. Eating a well-rounded diet and avoiding excessive amounts of dairy, cold/raw food and oils such as greasy foods or nuts and nut butter is key to eliminating dampness. On top of those three big suggestions, I’ve also attached a PDF of an anti-inflammatory diet (point 4) that I give to most clients who are working with Dampness.
  4. Dr Paula Anti-Inflammatory
  5. Healthline has some great guidelines as well. 

Of course, these are just simple broad stroke guidelines to get you thinking. If you have a serious hormonal imbalance be SURE to consult your practitioner before making any changes.

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