Part 2.

Welcome back. This week we’ll be exploring the 5 elements and a corresponding essential oil that will support each one of them. This blog is intended to support the shifting of emotional patterns associated with each element. A pattern that is giving rise to certain beliefs and behaviours that may or may not be driving the physical and physiological effects a person may be experiencing.


Arborvitae – The Oil of Divine Grace

This oil helps support individuals who think that they have to do everything on their own. It assists them in the understanding that they are supported by God/Creator/Universe/Nature and therefore they do not need to use an excessive amount of will to push through life.

This oil supports the Water Element as the virtue associated with the water element is Will and it is common clinically to see people with a variety of symptoms like fatigue or back pain that are mustering a lot of Will to get through life. The water element is associated with bones and the back of the body and are therefore related to support, mentally/emotionally and physically. Arborvitae assists in the letting go of needing to push through and opens a person up to receiving divine support.


GeraniumThe Oil of Love and Trust

This beautiful and fragrant oil is like the earth of the Heart. It helps to restore human connectivity, trust and love where it has been lost due to negative life circumstances.

The Fire element – associated with the Heart – is all about how we connect to others. When Fire is balanced, we are able to share our warmth and create loving, trusting and lasting relationships. When trust has been lost, the gates of the Heart aren’t able to open and close intuitively and with ease.


CypressThe Oil of Motion and Flow

Cypress is a multipurpose oil. It facilitates ease of movement in the body when one has become too rigid in their thinking. This rigidity can show up in the muscles and tendons and make it hard for a person to flow through life.

The wood element is all about moving forward with ease. It is related to the tendons, and in certain ways the muscles. Cypress assists the smooth movement of Qi in the body and can help physically and also emotionally when a person is frustrated because life isn’t going their way.


Thyme OilThe oil of Releasing and Forgiveness

Thyme oil aids the body in releasing old and stagnate energies. It helps to transform old emotions such as anger, rage and resentment so that they can be eliminated in the body.

The Metal phase takes the experiences of life, transforms them and then ideally, retains what is precious and of value and eliminates the rest.


CorianderThe Oil of integrity

This is a beautiful oil that aids a person in maintaining their own integrity through meeting their own needs before the needs of others. IT helps people who are stuck in a cycle of tending other people’s needs over their own.

The Earth element is the central axis around with all of life functions. To be balanced it needs to be strong, stable and centered. When we are constantly taking care of other’s needs, we aren’t bringing it home and focusing on our own. Coriander can help break the emotional bondage that exists when taking care of ourselves based on what is true and authentic to us as individuals.

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