Harmonizing body and mind through deep, meaningful and spontaneous connection.

Although impossible to truly communicate with language alone,
The Dao translated means The Way. It is the spontaneous flow of energy in nature.

When we are living life out of flow, on some level we know it. Perhaps physical ailments start to manifest themselves, maybe we don’t feel fully engaged in life, or maybe it feels like life keeps throwing up road blocks.

My approach to life is 3-fold.
Engage and get curious about the mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Something fascinating happens when we begin treatment. As we start to understand how our physical reality is connected to our behaviors and thoughts, space opens up for shift to occur. Once we promote the natural flow of energy within our bodies, health and harmony arise spontaneously. As all facets of life begin to harmonize we experience more ease and fluidity.

Through deep and meaningful conversation we expose some of the faulty beliefs and behaviours that are impeding flow. What is happening on one layer is really happening on all layers. Together we do our best to get to the root of the imbalance and then treat accordingly through acupuncture, herbal medicine and/or cupping.

Chinese Medicine and Essential Oils Course

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • The basic philosophy of Taoism as it relates to the Five Elements and Chinese Medicine
  • Important meridian points to positively affect health
  • Simple yet effective Essential Oils to support your meridians and organ systems for optimal balance

Course Structure

  • 6 modules
  • Weekly guided meditation
  • Video sharing the basic principles of each of the Five elements
  • Video on that weeks oils and their application.
  • Weekly handouts and recommended reflections
  • Quiz – a great way to test your knowledge and assess what is sinking in and what needs more focus.
  • 30-60 minutes zoom calls every 2 weeks. This is the place to ask your questions and get clear on the material.

Are you ready to work with Dr. Paula?

I am passionate about the complex nature of body, mind and spirit, how we connect to the universe are a reflection of it and it us. Our bodies are the road map. They let us know when something is out of harmony. By tending its arisings and connecting body and mind, we become more engaged with life.

Are you ready to become more engaged with your life?