Acupuncture for Jet Lag

Acupuncture for Jet Lag Time Point Element 3-5 am Lung 8 Metal 5-7am Large intestine 1 Metal 7-9am Stomach 36 Earth 9-11am Spleen 3 Earth 11-1pm Heart 8 [...]

3 Easy and Gentle Ways to Detox

3 Easy and Gentle ways to promote your body’s natural detoxification pathways   It is spring! And the body is naturally wanting to move out of the stagnancy [...]

Wild By Nature, Pt. 2

In the fall of 2017, I began contemplating what it really means to be wild. Like many, I had this idea that it meant unpredictable, uncontrollable and feral. The [...]

Dragon Lady

  The other day a woman that co-refers and co-treats multiple patients referred to an herbal formula I had mixed as a “Dragon Potion.” Dragon Potion. As if the [...]

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