Black Spruce Essential Oil For Pain

Black Spruce Essential Oil can be used effectively for pain. It is rich in monoterpenes and is an excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic oil. According to Chinese Medicine, this oil is woody and pungent. This means that it is grounding and also moves stagnant energy. It works wonders on the Kidney/Adrenal/Urinary BLadder system. Black Spruce essential oil works to open up muscles and relieve pain.


Other Benefits of Black Spruce Essential Oil

While it’s difficult to find good research on essential oils, it’s generally accepted, amongst those who use them therapeutically, that black spruce will help nourish us in times of distress.

There has been a general theme arising clinically that people are just DONE. Done with winter and DONE with COVID. 2 things we have no control over. This is where the beautiful philosophy of Chinese Medicine can lend its wisdom. Sitting and holding the tension of this being done is an important part of securing our reserves and bringing our potential forth in the coming spring season.

In Chinese Medicine what we do in the season prior to the one we are living, has a huge impact on how we live it. For example, if we want to bring our potential forth in the spring, when it is natural to be outside and to get moving again, how we hold the tension of stillness and the building restlessness that naturally arises late in winter, will affect our ability to bring that potential forth. We don’t want to squander these resources.

The stress of this plays a role in the kidney/adrenal system.  The lower back is related to the kidneys and what has been showing up clinically along with this feeling DONE is….you guessed it, lower back pain.

Using Black Spruce Oil for Low Back Pain

Black Spruce Essential works well on painful tight muscles. You can easily combine this with Marjoram Essential Oil and perhaps a bit of Cinnamon. If you use cinnamon DO NOT use more than a 2% dilution. It’s very hot and can burn the skin if the dilution is too high.

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