Eucalyptus Essential Oil is one of the most popular and common Essential Oils in circulation today. It deserves every bit of the attention it gets as it’s a multifaceted oil that is incredibly nourishing and supportive to the respiratory system. It can even repel Rats!!! Wild hey? Dr Axe talks about a study done in The Scientific World Journal that showed rats avoiding food that had been sprayed with Eucalyptus oil. The benefits of Eucalyptus Oil are both undeniable and strange.

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The Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil according to Chinese Medicine

  • Releases the exterior and wind-heat. In Chinese Medicine the exterior is the layer that we experience colds and flu’s. Wind was/is considered the pathogenic factor that first enters the body and brings either hot, cold or damp with it. So it helps release and open up symptoms associated with this imbalance. This can be headache, sinus congestion, yellow phlegm and cough etc. This blog on the benefits of Thyme essential oil talks more about symptoms associated with heat.
  • Expels Damp-phlegm and drains dampness – this is the congestion we experience as a result of the respiratory system being burdened by toxic compounds. It can break this phlegm congestion up so it can be expectorated.

The Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil according to the Western Perspective

  • Multiple studies, including this one have shown Eucalyptus Oil to have a microbial effect. It helps put a dent in bacterial, viral and fungal growth both internally and externally on the skin.
  • Another benefit of Eucalyptus Oil is that It is excellent at relieving seasonal allergies. This study points towards some strong evidence that it helps mediate our immune response, which is triggered when we are experiencing seasonal allergies. I can attest to this, as one of the symptoms I was experiencing with the heavy smoke was a flare in my seasonal allergies. It may have easily been more than just the eucalyptus oil and or the combination of oils, but it was the only thing that helped ease the allergic response. It worked better than Benadryl! For more on that deliciously effective blend and my 5 favourite essential oils for breathing click here.
  • One of the main benefits of eucalyptus oil and likely the one it is most known for is its effect on the respiratory system and the sinuses. There are a few reasons why it is so beneficial.
    1. It is anti-inflammatory
    2. It helps to break up mucus congestion and relieve cough
    3. Boosts immunity

Eucalyptus essential oil can be used in a 10% dilution and should not be taken internally.

Essential oils are one of those topics that a person could write about forever and never really scratch the surface. There are so many perspectives from uses in multiple cultures, well before western medicine took a hold, to the multitude of studies now being done on these beauties. Something to be curious about is how is this plant changed by its interaction with us? The relationships of nature are fascinating to explore.

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