What is Bemer Therapy?

Bemer Therapy in Kelowna, delivers a unique pulsating electromagnetic frequency (called a PEMF) at specific intervals to increase micro circulation in the blood. There have been multiple studies done on Bemer showing that it increased microcirculation by 30%, no matter who you or what may be ailing you.

In this video you can see the direct affect that Bemer Therapy has on microcirculation.

What are the benefits of increasing microcirculation?

Blood is the body’s universal means of transporting oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers such as hormones and immune cells. When our cells, tissue and organs are adequately nourished and metabolic waste products are removed, our body is free to maintain healthy balance and proper functionality.

What ailments Bemer Therapy help?

Though there are multiple studies and clinical trials that have been done on Bemer Therapy at the moment Bemer is not legally allowed to make any health claims other than it can help with pain relief. I encourage you to check out the following studies as a place to start. And if you are curious about a certain ailment google Bemer therapy and said ailment, you will likely find a plethora of information and client experience.

Pain Study

Wound Healing

Cancer Study

Are there any negative side effects of Bemer Therapy?

To date there have been no known or reported side effects. People taking Xarelto are discouraged from using Bemer.

What does a Bemer Session look and feel like?

Bemer Therapy in Kelowna Sessions are 8-20 minutes long depending on your program. You simply come in and lay down on the Bemer mat. You may feel some very mild stimulation, but most people do not report that they feel anything during the actual treatment.


Bemer is widely recognized by Doctors and therapists of all kinds from Cardiologists to Sports Medicine Physicians to Functional Medicine Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and of course Doctors of Chinese Medicine. They are partnered with the NFL and NASA in a continued effort of both to support their members with pain/concussion syndrome and to mitigate the ill effects of space travel.

Even Dr. Oz recognizes the benefits of PEMF therapy.

How Do I Start?

It’s recommended for maximum benefit, to have 10 Bemer sessions within a 3-4 week period.

I am offering treatments as an add on to Acupuncture Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays and stand-alone Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

To book a Bemer appointment in Kelowna please click here.

What is the cost?

Drop in Sessions are $40
10 Punch Pass is $325 ($32.50 per session)