So chronic emotional stress is one of the most common ways that we can have stagnant blood stagnant energy. That’s going to affect our menstruation, irregular eating habits, improper sleep. I cannot highlight enough how important sleep is to healthy blood and healthy hormones asleep is when we rejuvenate, we revitalize, we replenish our blood. So if you’re not sleeping, I highly recommend you make that a priority, inadequate exercise. So of course, if we’re not moving too much, if we’re just sitting at a desk all day and then we go home and we sit down and we watch TV and, and we don’t get any kind of movement over time, that’s going to just, the blood’s not going to be able to move as well, which creates a whole other host of things. It’s really hard to do these videos and not just go off onto all these different offshoots in terms of why things are important, but making sure that you’re getting moving and then overworking and overworking typically will actually deplete the system more.

But when there’s a depletion in the system, so if there’s not enough blood, that is another cause of blood stagnation. And, you know, you can think about that in terms of, if there’s not enough water in the river, things just, aren’t going to move. This can lead to a whole host of issues. Then, uh, the whole range really of, of any kind of hormonal issues that you might be able to think of. So PMs, irregular periods, not getting your period, fertility issues, issues with nodules and the cysts and painful periods, all sorts of things can arise when we are in stagnation.

So hopefully that helps. And I will see you soon.


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