More on how to balance hormones with acupuncture

So with stagnant Blood massive spectrum, like massive spectrum in terms of why it arises and how it can show up. And so oftentimes in sort of the less pathological, less chronic way, it’ll show up more as an energy stagnation, as qi stagnation. And those symptoms can look more like having a lot of distension. So maybe you’re distended when you’re on your cycle, maybe we’ve even experienced digestive distension and distension is like a hardness in a sense, um, With your tissues, but it hasn’t progressed to a point of being blood stagnation, where there’s actual cysts and nodules and or clots within your blood with the emotional qi stagnation, with the qi stagnation, sorry, there’s also a lot of emotional frustration and agitation. And as we move along in that, if, if that’s not treated, then that can turn into over time a blood stagnation and the blood stagnation again, will show up more as the actual nodules, maybe fibroids, um, having a lot of clots in our blood. And there will be a deeper sense of emotional resignation things that can also show up are going to be pain and irregular periods.

And so some of the ways that you can encourage your blood to get moving is through exercise, acupuncture and tapping out the Meridian. And so tapping is simply just tapping Along the Meridian points. Acupuncture. I’m not just saying that because I’m totally biased. It’s really great at getting things flowing and making sure that we are exercising enough, but of course not over-exercising so typically I like to recommend to people that they are sweating for 20 to 30 minutes, at least two to three times a week, but it’s really important that you move every single day.

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