Balancing Hormones with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Transcript

Hey everyone this week, we’re back

Talking about how we can balance our hormones from a Chinese medicine perspective. And we are going to focus on stagnant blood. Before I begin, I need to honor the complex, vast and nuanced nature of the hormonal system. And there’s absolutely no way that I can cover that in a short video.

So the videos are going to be

Broad strokes and they are absolutely not meant or intended to treat or diagnose. If you have a hormonal imbalance that you are struggling with, please see your healthcare practitioner. All these videos are meant to do is to create some kind of connection and insight for you, where you can see where you might be out of balance and provide some tips and some really easy, simple ways that you can shift pieces of your lifestyle that will help to encourage your hormones back into balance and will be a great compliment to any protocol or treatment plan that you have Or already on.

So we’ll start with blood. The blood is everything in Chinese medicine. So blood is this beautiful harmony and representation of Yin Yang The water substance component is the yin and the fire animation transformation heat component is the young. And so these things come together and they are blended into our blood. And so when we’re thinking about balancing keeping hormones balanced, it’s always about nourishing the blood. So making sure that there’s abundant blood and making sure that it is warm so that it is constantly flowing and moving. So last week we talked about deficient blood in this week, we’re going to go into stagnant blood.

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