SEEK: An Introduction to Chinese Medicine and Essential Oils

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What you’ll learn in this course:

  • The basic philosophy of Taoism as it relates to the Five Elements and Chinese Medicine
  • Important meridian points to positively affect health
  • Simple yet effective Essential Oils to support your meridians and organ systems for optimal balance

Course Structure

  • Online and can be started whenever you hear the call
  • 6-weeks
  • Video’s sharing the basic principles of each of the Five elements
  • Video’s on that week’s oils and their application.
  • Weekly guided meditation
  • Accessed through teachable, a very user-friendly platform for courses.

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Here’s what Seekers are saying…

  • Going to class almost felt like a bit of a counselling session for me. Learning about a new constitution each week helped me become mindful of how that constitution shows up in my daily life, and which essential oils I can use to create more balance in my life. I would find myself in situations when I was stressed, and I’d realized I was laughing uncharacteristically loudly (fire) or showing lack of shout (wood). When this happened, I would understand that I was feeling a need to be loved (fire) and was frustrated I wasn’t seeing goals met in the way I had hoped (wood). Putting on an essential oil like Cypress would help me feel calmer, more grounded, and less stressed about the situation. In the past, I didn’t have the knowledge that pairing an essential oil with a certain event, disease, or stressor, could help in knowing myself or understanding others in a greater way. Who knew?! Taking this course has enabled me to see life through a clearer lens. It has broadened my understanding of the physical and emotional responses we have to situations or people around us, and why – based on our constitutions – we have those responses. Knowing how to use essential oils as a tool to achieve greater fluidity in our daily living is a huge gift! Thank you, Paula.

  • Learning about my constitution also helps with the way I look upon life and others in general.

  • I looked forward to every class and learning more about the elements and the oils. it was perfectly balanced with info and not too much info. it felt like a perfect intro into this world. I also felt zero judgement in this class and that my comments and words were always heard. so important. Paula you made this course so fun and your passion and love for it oozed throughout the entire time.

  • I loved the course. I absolutely loved the extremely open and personal tone from the instructor. I think it’s important to being open and honest enough with ourselves to take all we can from what we were learning.

  • I don’t think 6 weeks is enough.

  • I found it impactful connecting some of the dots between acupuncture and the elements. I also found it really helpful to find my constitution and recognize it within myself.

  • I really enjoyed the class and took a lot away from the experience. I was surprised at how quickly, like by class 3, I was seeing things differently.

  • What I found most impactful was learning about my constitution as well as all of the other elements. Tying in the oils was a great way to experience the learning as well. The whole course was very well presented and the group discussions were awesomely helpful.

  • Your passion and knowledge shined through all of your teaching. You were able to answer everyone’s questions and provide more colour when needed. The group discussions and your personal examples made the content very relatable. Thank you again for the opportunity!

  • You have an amazing gift and a true talent. You’re an extraordinary teacher and were able to break down the complexities of the elements and oils into very relatable learning. My life has been forever changed for the positive as well as my relationships with myself and others.