Acupuncture Points for Anxiety: Kidney and Bladder

Video: Some kidney acupuncture points that you can palpate for anxiety relief are going to be on the foot and on the chest. So, the kidney meridian, please excuse my dirty summer feet, begins here. Now I really like the feet kidney points when we want to earth ourselves, so if we’re in an anxious state and we get heightened and we feel like we almost want to leave our body or we feel like we’re all kind of upper part of our body, doing foot points and especially applying essential oils onto foot points are very, very nice to help to ground us, to earth us. You can palpate the whole length of the kidney meridian which is running along here, and I’m a big fan of finding the tender spots, so when you find the tender spot you know that you’ve got a point that you can focus on. Here is another major kidney point, this point is found, this is your medial malleolus, your inside ankle bone, the prominence of that, and your Achilles heel, it’s right in the middle. Palpate around, you have about a dime radius for acupressure points, acupuncture points, and then just walk your way up, palpating for tenderness, that is how you know where to apply your focus. Again, you can use essential oils and you can also just massage into those points. So, those are the foot points. Starting here, Kidney 1, Kidney 3 and then walking your way up. You might even want to massage along that meridian.

Then we have the kidney points up along the chest. These point, this is your sternum, that’s the bone basically in the middle of your chest. These points, if you just draw your fingers laterally, towards the outside, it’s where the edge of the bone is right about here. These kidney points are basically right in there, they’re bumped up against the edge, but you will feel a definite divot because that’s where your ribs begin, these kidney points are in between the ribs and they go all the way, almost along your entire sternum. What I do is palpate, this would basically be the level of the nipple, and then you can just palpate, so that one for me is quite tender, so that would be a place that I would focus on, as well. If you get a lot of chest tightness when you experience anxiety, it’s really nice to open up these intercostal muscles, so you can do that by using essential oils and rubbing them into the points, or just even giving yourself some acupressure on the points. I usually like to keep doing down until I don’t feel tenderness anymore. So give that a few passes, but the points are right here, right lateral to the sternum.

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