Breathing and acupuncture points best used for anxiety

Breathing, as I notice that I’ve been talking so much, I’m out of breath. Breathing is hyper important for dealing with anxiety when anxiety arises. A really simple technique, there are so many techniques out there, is to do diaphragmatic breathing. What you want to do with diaphragmatic breathing is you want to visualize your ribs moving out to the side as opposed to your chest puffing up.

Because with diaphragmatic breathing you want to breathe in deeply through your nose and you want to visualize that breath going right down, I like to picture it in this case going right into the kidneys or into even the reproductive organs, because that’s kind of the domain the kidneys, as well. You want to visualize the diaphragm opening up to the sides and then the breath coming in, all the way down, and you can go in for 4 and out for 6, because we relax on the exhale, so doing a longer exhale is going to really help to get you into parasympathetic state and calm the nervous system.

Another thing you can do is putting black spruce essential oil on the kidney meridian and there is a video of a couple kidney spots right after this, and as well, you can do it up and down your spine. If you have somebody who can do it for you, then just get them to literally put it right along your spine, a few drops. We won’t go into all the details of black spruce, but it has a very big effect on the nervous system. If you’re alone, you can even just drip it down your spine and just let it hang out there for about 20 minutes or so.

Also, you can palpate for tender spots along the kidney meridian to help find effective acupuncture points for anxiety, again, I’ll show you a couple in the video, and you can put black spruce along those. Now, black spruce, with Chinese medicine we’re always looking at the thermal properties, the energetic, the fragrant qualities of a plant and understanding that in the context of how it is that we want the energy to be moving within the body. So black spruce is woodsy, so it’s very rooting, and that’s great, because with the water element, because there is this deep connection to the spine and to the bones, we want to create a stability within this core stability, and that’s what a tree does, the black spruce, they’re such beautiful trees, and the aroma of them is incredible, and that’s what they do, they stand tall and they’re very majestic. Black spruce is also pungent and pungent has the energetic dynamic of moving up and out.

What it does, especially in a freeze state, it will help to get that energy that’s stuck because it’s cold, almost, like it’s frozen with fear. It will help to get it moving and to help to move it up and out. Also, none of this stuff is a mistake, for sure, the posture of somebody who can become anxious can be very, very turned inward, and that’s what we want to do, we want to embrace life, and so that’s what that pungent quality helps us do, and pungent goes right up into your nose, as soon as you smell it, it’s one of the first fragrant smells that you will smell, and so it will help you wake up and get you out of whatever that habitual response is. It’s a beautiful, beautiful oil for when there is some deficiency in the water element.

And then, vetiver, you could do vetiver on the acupuncture point kidney 1, for anxiety. Vetiver is incredibly earthy, it dives, its roots are so deep, they are deeper than they are tall. Vetiver will affect the metal element, the earth element, and the water element, and I put it here because if the way that the anxiety manifests for you is that you have this tendency to become very, very ungrounded, it is incredible at rooting us into our bodies. They’ve done a bunch of studies of vetiver, they know it’s very good for anxiety, it’s also very good for things like ADHD and if there is a hard time focusing, a hard time really inhabiting our body. I wanted to put it in there because it’s not necessarily one that you would use if you feel more frozen in fear and that contractual kind of body posture, that’s a black spruce situation. Again, because there is no hard fast rules in terms of exactly how the anxiety will manifest when there is a kidney imbalance, it’s important to make sure, if that’s your experience, that you know you have some sort of support in terms of getting into your body.

That is the kidney meridian, we’ve already talked about it, as well, and again there are a couple videos coming right after this that will show you where you can put the oils on the points.

I will see you next week, that’s about it for now. Okay, bye bye.

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