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Welcome to this video blog series. Over the next 16 weeks, we will be talking about acupuncture points for anxiety. It is crucial that you understand some of the basic theories of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture points in order to understand which points and oils to choose when you are experiencing anxiety.

Please enjoy this series. If you are interested in going deeper into the theories and mechanisms of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Acupressure and essential oils don’t forget to get your name on the email list so I can keep you up to date as to when those live, go at your own pace courses will be launching.

Below is a transcript of the video.



Acupuncture points for anxiety: The Water Element/Kidney 

Welcome to this video blog series on acupuncture points for anxiety and how we can see anxiety through the lens of Chinese medicine and particularly the Five elements. If you are new to this work or me, welcome. If you have been here before or are familiar with me, welcome back. Everything that I like to talk about online and in my life, in general, is about how we can better understand ourselves through understanding the way that energy moves in nature. So the way that energy flows in nature and not just the energy of the unseen world, the energy of the seen world as well, and how the seen and the unseen world come together and create nuance in our life. It really is a beautiful system. Personally, I think that if people understood Chinese Medicine and how it worked the world would just be a different place. We would understand that we are nature and we would live in much more reciprocation with our environment at large.

Today’s video is about the kidneys. We’re going to start in the water element. Go into the kidneys and the next week we’ll go into the urinary bladder. The way we’re going to do each video is to start by getting into our bodies because this is really where everything comes home. This is where everything is earthed and everything is embodied so it’s an important place to start from. It’s really easy to get into the theories and just let everything live in our heads but we want to actually feel almost like where the rubber hits the road, you know? Where these theories start to make sense is in our bodies. So, we’ll tap through each meridian as we go along. When you’re tapping just tune into how you feel on the inside, beyond the tapping, deeper than the tapping. After we’ve done a few passes see how that feels in your body. Also, where is it that you might experience tenderness because those are the points that are going to alert you as to where there might be some weakness, some imbalance, some deficiency. That basically where your attention is going to focused and where we want to bring more flow to and or open up the flow.

Then we’ll go into the theory. Each video is also going to have a fairly substantial chunk of just explaining the five elements. This is very very important to understand as a foundation otherwise things that we’re going to talk about in these videos aren’t going to make as much sense so please enjoy that. Then we’re going to get more specific into the element itself and the organ system itself. There will be a case study, some tips that will help you balance out that system if you feel like it’s out of flow, some acupuncture points for anxiety as well as, how it is that you can bring mindful awareness to your body and how you can start to self-regulate those experiences and sensations of anxiety.

A few of the key themes around water is “How is it that we respond to the mystery? You’ll find out that the emotion associated with it is fear. There can be a lot of darkness that surrounds the water element. It’s very much in that realm of the unknown and what we can’t see. It’s interesting because. I find this particularly relevant at this time. Wherever you are and whenever you’re watching this it’s 2020 and we are in the pandemic of COVID. However you relate to that whatever that means to you there’s a lot of unknown going on in our societies and in our culture in our world right now. And there’s just a tremendous amount of anxiety that seems like it’s on the rise. It’s already been on the rise for the past couple decades but it’s really very prominent right now. While you’re listening to these themes keep that in mind that behind everything we talk about is this question of ‘how comfortable am I within the mystery?’. And what is it that I can do when I’m confronted and faced with the mystery to Earth myself so that I have a place where I can come home to. With that let’s get into the wisdom of the body. I’m going to meet you over on the floor and we’re going to tap our way through kidney Meridian.


Tapping Acupuncture points on the Kidney Meridian for Anxiety

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