Acupuncture points for anxiety

Then bladder 58, which again, there’ll be another video, I like this one because it’s a connecting point between the bladder and the kidneys and if you remember from what I just said about 20 minutes ago or whatever it is now, the bladder is the gatekeeper to the kidneys and so really important that those messages that are getting transferred are harmonized balance or are in alignment with what self and what’s essential.

But the name of the point is also taking flight and I’ve you think about that, like a movement. And so I like to think about it because people, again, in urinary bladder, disharmony are typically all over the place, frenetic energy, never sit still and so it helps just that rooting process. It helps to harmonize knowing when it’s appropriate to take flight, when it’s in flow to take flight, when it’s in a balanced manner to take flight, instead of just taking flight all the time, because of all sorts of things. Vetiver is so good if you don’t know it, it’s so good. That is it, end with that. I’ll show you those videos and hopefully I’ll see you next week. Bye.

Some kidney points that you can palpate are going to be on the foot and on the chest. The kidney meridian, please excuse my dirty summer feet, begins here. Now I really like the feet, kidney points when we want to earth ourselves. So if we’re in an anxious state and we get heightened and we feel like we almost want to leave our body, or we just feel like we’re all kind of upper part of our body doing foot points and especially applying essential oils onto foot points are very, very nice to help to ground us, to earth us. You can palpate the whole length of the kidney meridian, which is right running along here and I’m a big fan of finding the tender spots. When you find the tender spot, you know that you’ve got a point that you can focus on. Here is another major kidney point. This point is found, this is your, it’s called your medial malleolus so it’s basically your inside ankle bone. So the prominence of that, the top of that in your Achilles heel is right in the middle. So palpate around, you have about a dime radius for acupressure points, acupuncture points, and then just walk your way up palpating for tenderness. That is how you know where to apply your focus.

Again, you can use essential oils and you can also just massage into those points. So those are the foot points starting here. Kidney one, this one’s a great one, kidney three and then walking your way up. You might even want to massage along that radius. Some good points to palpate or to give yourself some acupressure too on the bottom meridian are going to be right in here.

So this is your outer ankle bone, your external malleolus and the point is between the tip of this malleolus, this bone and your Achilles tendon. You can just palpate in there and what I like to do is I like to palpate or press all the way up until I find tender spots. The bladder Meridian kind of goes up the side back, if that makes sense until it reaches kind of like the mid-calf, although there are quite a few branches to the Bladder Meridian.

One of my favorite points though is if you go halfway between the crease of your knee and the tip of this bone here, go halfway and then you’re going to move behind.
The bladder Meridian runs along up here. You want to be along the bladder Meridian and then go down one thumb breadth. So right about in there.

This point is called taking flight and I like this one because of what we spoke about with the urinary bladder. When there’s anxiety associated with it, there’s that kind of get up and go there’s that continual sympathetic response of the nervous system and so this helps us to calm that and it helps to kind of help us plant our feet on the ground and this is why I really liked for anxiety that is related to the bladder. I prefer points on the legs. We want to bring the energy down into the body instead of doing the upper head points.

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