Breathing and Essential Oils for anxiety

If you can breathe and it might take a lot of breaths, but if you can just sit and ride that out and do that, what happens is that the nervous system starts to calm down and then you start to basically train it that it doesn’t need to go into these peak states because the peakiness is all about how fucking important it is to survive and to get out of there.

If you start to learn or you start to basically reteach your body, this is okay, we can handle this because we’re meant to handle life as a variable, it’s nuance, it’s constantly coming in at us. It’s not stable. It’s not meant to be stable. (I meant static)

That piece is really important to reteach our nervous system and then of course, the breathing. The breathing that I usually recommend to people is diaphragmatic breathing. So visualizing your diaphragm, moving up to the side, as opposed to your chest kind of puffing up and visualizing also your breath going down through your diaphragm, through your torso and in this case with water because it is the sort of lowest position anatomically of all the organ systems. I like to actually visualize kind of going almost into our reproductive organs because there’s an association there as well.

So as deeply as you can possibly go and you want to breathe in through the nose for four and out for six. We relax on the exhale. That’s why we want to do it for a little bit longer and then you can bring in; well, we’ll talk about the movement first, some medium paced movement, so you don’t want to be doing a power class by any means. But I’m a big fan of yoga, I think it’s an excellent way for us to get into our bodies, which is so, so, so important, but particularly a yoga class that again, will be medium paced and will involve some spinal twists because again, there’s that association with the spine, with the bones, even with the nervous system. Really opening that whole piece up is excellent at regulating the nervous system too.

Then there’s a couple, well there’s an essential oil Vetiver. Vetiver is so good, like so good, oh my God, for so many things but if you haven’t seen Vetiver before, it is like a sap, it just descends, it’s sticky. It’s got this wildly deep smell to it and it goes down and that’s what we want when we’re in that frenetic urinary bladder state of just like, oh, constant assessment, constant assessment, got to do this, got to do that, got to get running, can’t sit still and Vetiver has actually been shown, there’s studies on it that it actually helps with things like ADHD and hyperactivity. Actually, I don’t know if those are the same thing. That’s weird that I just said that.I’m not a psychiatrist, so I’m not sure if there’s a differentiation there, but you get the idea energetically that I’m trying to portray; and what it does is it helps to centre us.

Because it’s got that sticky nature. So it sort of brings everything in. It brings that energy in and it helps us root ourselves into the earth, which is what we want to do. So putting it on kidney one, and I’ll put a video in here at the end, that’ll show you that because I chose kidney one because kidney one is right on the sole of the foot and so it helps to; and I even like to visualize, just sort of the Vetiver imagine it kind of going into my entire system and then descending right through the sole of my foot, right into the earth, the dirt in particular.

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