Acupuncture points for anxiety – Case Study pt. 2

What was interesting then about what he came in for, we’ll talk about the stress piece when we go into the five-element, in the frustration and stuff, the putting energy all the time for nothing, he literally said that, and that is so water, urinary bladder in pathology. It’s that go, go, go, go, go. That frenetic energy that can’t sit still long enough to tune in and reflect on what they actually need internally to be healthy and to be in flow, to be balanced and to be in flow rather, that they are doing a million things and many of them are just sort of falling short or he feels like he always has to pick up the slack.

The flip side to that is if we’re actually living in flow and in balance, I think what he was missing because he hadn’t cultivated this enough because of other reasons is that ability to just sit and really listen in, really listening and feel into what is in flow. Because I don’t know about you, but I have had many moments in my life where I have been in flow and I know damn well that I’m in flow. Without question things are working out, they call it the zone, you call it whatever you want. I know that most of us have had that experience and I know damn well when I’m pushing through something and I just keep beating my head against a wall and beating my head against a wall. That’s the difference here. So of course, one of the important things it becomes sitting still and meditating. We’ll get to that in a second.

The stress piece, we’ll explain this for the five elements. Now he loved family and he loved his kids and he just seemed like just a tremendous family man and I could tell that this was really, really, really bothersome to him. But what was happening was, so if we look down here now, this diagram is different from the one in the five-element piece. Don’t worry about why just know that there’s two iterations of this diagram and I chose this one because it. The visual will explain what I want to explain better.

Around the circle is the generation cycle. Water generates wood, easy enough to understand. We need to water plants for them to grow; wood generates fire, we need to stoke the fire so that the fire will grow and be nourished. So that’s the idea. Now because water was so deficient, he also actually had back pain and stuff and that gets into a whole bunch of physical things that we’re not going to get into in these videos. He was deficient in water and because the water was deficient, wood was basically drying up and becoming brittle and didn’t have the ability to be flexible and to go with the flow. You’ll find out in future videos, that the wood element is related to the emotion of anger and frustration.

So when it is out, when it’s not being properly nourished, properly watered, that has a tendency to be the default and I find this a lot that there’s that wood frustration with people who don’t feel like they have enough time and that was his thing, he didn’t have enough time. I’m not joking, he slept three hours because he was just constantly doing something and he had gotten himself to such a point that he actually couldn’t even get tired. He would stay up till three, four in the morning because he was just not tired and he had depleted himself so much.

The interesting thing with him is I actually asked him, so I confirm everything with the pulse and I don’t go into the pulse in any of these videos, but there’s a video blog on it that you’re welcome to watch if you want to know more about that. But I confirmed with the pulse and I asked him if he experienced anxiety because what I felt in his pulse; and listen, I am a human being that makes mistakes all the time. I’ve been in practice for a decent amount of time now, I have a lot of familiarity with anxiety, both personally and professionally. I know what it feels like when somebody’s body seems to be in an anxious state.

I asked him if he experienced anxiety and he said, no, never. Which shocked me because of his pulse and again, I am not saying I am right and it is absolutely not my place to tell somebody how they feel or what they’re experiencing and I thought it was actually amazing that he didn’t experience anxiety based on everything he had just told me and what I was feeling in his body. But I also think it was because he was so disconnected from his body that he wasn’t actually able to register it. Again, I could be wrong. I could be totally off on that and it could have just been a thing that just manifested for him differently and I didn’t catch it a hundred percent, but he had an anxious personality. He had that kind of personality where he was just constantly on edge and I think because he was very social, it maybe didn’t register for him because a lot of anxiety can show up for people in social situations and they want to kind of get away from that. But anyway, needless to say he didn’t have anxiety. So it’s interesting that I actually put his case study in there, but I think his case study was just so poignant when it came to understanding the urinary bladder imbalances.

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