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Welcome to the 2nd video in this video blog series. During this series, we will be talking about acupuncture points for anxiety. It is crucial that you understand some of the basic theories of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture points in order to understand which points and oils to choose when you are experiencing anxiety.

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Below is a transcript of the video.

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Below is a transcript of the video.



Acupuncture points for anxiety; water element/urinary bladder

Hello and welcome back to another video blog series on anxiety as it relates to Chinese medicine. In this video blog series, we are going to go into anxiety specifically as it relates to what each of the five elements and then further into each of the organ systems that are associated with the elements. If you’re new to this work, thank you for showing up and if you have been here before, you’re familiar with me, thank you also for showing up. Either way, please don’t forget to hit that subscribe button if you’ve enjoyed the content.

Now, why would you even want to watch this video? It’s over an hour long? Are you really going to spend your time doing this? Well, this video is meant for people who want to look at life in a different way, for people who want to understand how their experience of life, so how they’re experiencing their life emotionally, mentally emotionally, even soulfully and spiritually. How is it that that stuff integrates with their physical body and their physiological body? How is it that how I’m thinking relates to my digestive system? How is it that different experiences that I have in life will give rise to anxiety even when it doesn’t seem like anxiety should be provoked within my body?

This is the beauty of Chinese medicine. It truly is the original functional medicine and it’s like that for a few reasons, one is that we see the world as a reflection. We see the world as a microcosm. That’s like the whole universe essentially and we are the microcosm to that. We are a reflection of the environment at large, the environment that we see, we are all nature and we are just in this dynamic flow with it and really that’s the entire point of Chinese medicine is to find the flow. It’s based on the principles of Daoism and the Dao is literally the way. It’s about how do I promote the spontaneous directional flow of energy within nature. So again, that means us; that means how is it that I can promote my own health and well-being through looking at life through in a different way. Maybe there was something that you hadn’t thought of, maybe you didn’t realize how much a situation 20 years ago impacted your life and that could be emotionally, that could be maybe an accident that you had, it doesn’t matter. All of these things that we experienced in our life really truly do give rise to our experience as we’re experiencing it now.

Part of what we’re going to do in these videos is talk a lot about the five elements. There’s a really substantial chunk at the very beginning and we’re going to go through just the general flow. It’s really important if you haven’t seen any of this stuff before, you’re not familiar with the five elements to go through that stuff and then at the end of the video, we’ll get deeper into whatever the topic is of the day. Today we’re going to be talking about urinary bladder, which is part of the water element and there will be a couple of acupressure points, some essential oils, a couple other tips, I guess, that you can bring into your life that are super, super simple, barely cost a thing, that will help you sort of find more flow when anxiety is arising. If you resonate with these themes, then you’re going to definitely want to take on and start to cultivate the practices that we’ll talk about at the end of the video. But before we do any of that, we’re going to get into the beautiful wisdom of the body by tapping it out, super simple. It doesn’t take very long, but it’s really, really, really important.

Wisdom only really becomes wisdom when it’s embodied. If it just lives in here. If we just talk about the theories, if we just know a lot of stuff, that’s just knowledge it’s once we have really started to embed those ideas and understandings within to the point where we actually start to live our lives in accordance with all of those insights, I’d say that’s when wisdom is cultivated and it takes time, transformation takes time, learning and growing and maturing of course, we all know this is takes time as well. We start with the body because the body is going to tune us into reality. The body does not lie and the body will tell us either it’s feeling things in certain places, or it’s not feeling things in certain places and both of those things matter. We know there’s this thing called a inter reception and that’s basically how we feel. It’s our ability to tune into how we feel inside, incredibly important that we are in touch with this because if we don’t know how we feel inside, then a whole host of disorders and imbalances can arise out of that.

We start with the body and I encourage you when you are tapping the body out to tune in beyond the actual physical sensation of the tap, try to tune into what’s going on internally in your body and if you don’t, if you’re not able to do that, if that sounds weird or you just don’t feel anything, don’t worry about it. It’s literally just waking up the body and it’s waking up these meridians and just notice how you feel, notice how certain spots may be, feel, notice how you feel as a whole, all of these things. You don’t need to do anything with that information at this point, it literally, again, is just waking up the body and waking up these specific meridians before we start talking about them. I will meet you over on the floor and we will tap our way through the urinary bladder meridian.

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