Essential Oils and Acupuncture points for anxiety

And then frankincense on large intestine four. So I’ll do a video on large intestine four, but it is right there. And, um, large intestine four helps empower letting go. So it helps empower that function of the large intestine of furthering that refinement process in a balanced and harmonized way, and then letting go, what we don’t need anymore so that we can retain what is essential. And then frankincense is, um, I said this in the last video. I consider it like a grandfather kind of chief King oil. And yes, there are feminine ones, but I consider a frankincense a more masculine, more masculine in nature, let’s say, and I don’t say that lightly, but it seems to have this ability to go where it needs to go.

So I think energetically, what it does is that it finds the dark spaces that we don’t want to be with. It finds all the places, all of the hardened material from our life experience that we’ve pushed away. We don’t want to be with the actual feeling and earthing and death of those experiences. So somehow we’ve stayed attached to them, even if we’re consciously trying to stay apart from them, again, more opportunities with the metal, but it finds those places and it helps us integrate what it is that we have not wanted to be with the pain, the hurt, the, um, any kind of darkness, really.

So I like this combination of frankincense and large intestine because it just, again, it helps with that, the processing and the refinement of the things that are really bogging us down, the things that are holding us back that we might not even be aware with because metal is very much related to the unconscious brain and our kind of unconscious processing as well. So, um, it’s a good one. And you probably want to work with this for a longer period of time because when we’re working in that unconscious realm, things are more subtle. They’re usually not as obvious sometimes they are, but, uh, it oftentimes it takes time. It takes time to earth, right? Everything on earth moves a lot slower than it does up in the cosmos. So, um, yeah. All right. I hope to see you next week. Take care.

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