Ways to balance metal as anxiety is arising

So Marie Kondo, she, uh, if you don’t know her, check her out, she’s wonderful. And she’s like the epitome of metal in my opinion. So her whole thing is being in relationship. How does this thing make you feel? So one of the, there can be, um, an imbalance of total, total, total refinement and perfection, so that people almost have nothing like an aesthetic practice and or there can be like a hoarding, right? So that value is being skewed, the attachment. So we attach ourselves to all of these things that really don’t have any value or we focus way too much on the spiritual part. And that can be that spiritual righteousness. Right. Um, so she’s all about, yes, beautifying your space, refining your space, but being in relationship with what you have and without there being any moral judgment around it, you know, it’s just like, what is this thing, bringing you truly? What is the spiritual experience that you’re having with this thing? What is the earthly experience that you’re having with this thing? And is it worth keeping in your life? Is, is that energetic relationship with keeping in your life.

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