Ways to balance metal as anxiety is arising

And so some ways to balance it, the mental breathing of course, cause it’s in every video, but it’s also hyper important for metal, as you can imagine with the lungs being connected to that. So that is bringing in. Now, when you breathe, it’s deep diaphragmatic breathing, diaphragmatic breathing is visualizing your ribs, expanding out to the side, as opposed to your chest puffing up.

You want to breathe in for four out for six. So we breathe out for longer because that gets us into more of that parasympathetic rest, relax, state, create some space so we can actually start to tune into, okay, am I just being, um, kind of hypervigilant in my experience or am I actually tuning into something that needs my attention. But also breathing in deeply through the diaphragm. So you want to imagine your breath coming in, moving through the diaphragm again and deep into your body. So I like to picture it going really deep into water, the water elements, that’s like the deepest recess of who we are. Um, and when you do this, this is the practice of earthing. So this is literally not only how you can expand your diaphragm, get your Vegus nerve, kind of calmed down, get yourself more into parasympathetic. And, but you literally practice the prac practice, the practice, you practice, the practice of earthing.

You get into your body, you feel into your body and there’s a, this word interoception and that’s sensing how we actually feel on the inside. So it’s kind of taking this hyper awareness of sensing from the external world and becoming more internally aware of, of sensing our internal environment in a way that isn’t skewed by our, our mind or our past experiences. Um, so practices that honor, um, spirit and earthing that can look like anything. It can look like meditation. It can look like walking in the woods doesn’t really matter, but it’s, it’s the practice of being with, um, being with what’s essential that is intangible essential and intangible it’s being in that experience. Right? And so that’s why breath is actually, I mean, that’s not just the only reason why breath work is considered a spiritual practice, but it’s one of the reasons why, for sure.

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