Case study continued

So when the water element is constantly being activated, because let’s say we’re sensitive to our environment. And so therefore our spidey senses are going off all the time. It seems that there is a lot of activation within the nervous system. So the nervous system is constantly on when it’s constantly on and in this more sympathetic state, it’s not going into parasympathetic, parasympathetic, rest digest, relax, just enjoy and connect space. Um, so I think what was happening in terms of her back pain is that the, the lower back is considered the domain of water. So that’s where the kidneys sit. And that’s also, um, the urinary bladder Meridian runs all the way up our back body. So what was happening was that the water was being drained and weakened whenever she would also feel stressed because metal would get stressed, she would not feel valued. She would not feel respected.
And, and her back would seem to go out. So you can look at this also from the perspective of support, what is our back, when we’re bones and what does that, that kind of core piece where the kidneys lie? What do they do? They support our entire structure. So she wouldn’t feel supported in her back would go out. And the fatigue came from a couple places. One was the sensitivity with the metal element, but then also because the kidneys were being a bit exhausted. Um, I think that there was a lot of just exhaustion kind of that core exhaustion of constantly feeling like she needed to be on and alert and aware.

Yeah, there was a big theme with her of not feeling valued. And so she constantly was talking about relationships in her life where she felt dishonored. She felt like she wasn’t being respected. And it was just interesting because it was so habitual that. It was an interesting conversation to have in terms of like having her just kind of turn that mirror back on herself because metal is also very reflective. It can be right. You know? Um, so there was this. Yeah, it was, it was an interesting conversation, like I said, to try to have in terms of like turning that back on herself and saying, well, actually, if you were truly valuing yourself and this is part of this whole adulting adulting, I should not say that that sounds condescending. Um, there’s this part of this emergence into adulthood where
You don’t Have to prove your value anymore because you are in touch with it within yourself. So when the metal element is in balance within we know our value and because we know our value, anything that isn’t within that realm, we don’t have to fight against. We don’t have to prove, we don’t have to say we don’t have to exert boundaries. We just move away.

Oh, that’s not in flow. That doesn’t resonate with me. So that’s kind of one way that you can tell with metal is that if, if you find that you’re constantly having to have those conversations, either in your own head or with others, there’s probably a piece where you could reflect that back. Cause of course everything is the microcosm macrocosm, right? And so your environment and your experience is just reflecting back to you, your own internal experience and your own internal environment.

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