Anxiety/Metal Case Study

Um, so again, there’s a cutting off and a hiding, hiding seems to be more lung related because of the sensitivity of the, to the environment. And metal seems to be more cutting off. So it cuts off like a, you know, sharp knife or blade something that’s made of metal, right? It cuts off whatever it is that it does not want to see and not want to be with.

So, um, we’ll go into this case study a female 37 years old, her chief complaint was back pain. Secondary was fatigue. Now the anxiety that she experienced would arise when she was weakened and certain elements have of course predispositions. Right. And I don’t want to kind of hesitant to say this because we can be weak or strong or, um, you know, maybe a better way to put that as in harmony or out of harmony in flow, out of flow with all of the elements, but the metal element because of the sensitivity with this lung piece in this outside world piece.

It seems to be that there is a tendency for metal people to feel easily overwhelmed and to kind of feel almost frail and weakened. I don’t love that word frail because I really don’t want, there’s such a strength to metal people when they are in the flow of the life death life cycle. There’s like, there’s this just this beautiful harmony, this beautiful refinement of really, truly engaging and being in life and also accepting death, accepting loss, accepting that things come in, that they, and they go

In a sense, it’s almost like this kind of phase. I think that occurs with a lot of people in that we’re sort of meant to, that’s meant to happen with humanity of the phase of adulting. That’s what I would put the metal element to is this phase of adulting that probably happens maybe around your forties or so. Um, so it can be quite beautiful. Um, however, when that’s still being worked out, there is this tendency again, to feel overwhelmed, to maybe feel a little bit weakened. And so the anxiety would arise for her when she felt, um, overwhelmed and weak. Now I want to explain the back pain and the fatigue through the five elements.

Um, so let me just go back up here now metal around the cycle here, and don’t worry about the earth piece right now. There’s actually two ways to diagrams for the five element theory. Uh, but I don’t want to really confuse things. So metal is considered the direct nourisher, or let’s say the mother of water. So if there is a metal out of balance, a metal weakness, a metal constitution, whatever it might be, if that’s place where the root and balances existing, then what’s going to happen is that the mother isn’t able to prop isn’t able to properly. Wow. I don’t know why that was so hard to properly nourish the child, the child in this case, being water. If you remember from the five element video and what I’d kind of just alluded to in terms of this whole nervous system connection with the water element, then there is an adrenal component to that. And I know I say adrenals quite a bit because it’s just really common. Um, but I’m also hesitant to say that because it’s not the medicine that I practice, but it does seem to, there are seem to be a bunch of correlations between this.

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