Anxiety and it’s association with Metal

Um, so the anxiety that can arise out of metal are hardened ideas and behaviors. So this kind of ties into this whole spiritual righteousness or quantification in that we think that we have the right spiritual way. And there’s also, I find with large intestine people, because it’s kind of more the end result of all of that processing, as opposed to the lungs, which is more maybe sensitivity where it hasn’t really brought anything into its body when there has been experiences.

And, and it’s gotten skewed because let’s say of, you know, just past experience or traumas or whatnot, um, when it gets to that point with the large intestine where there’s a hardening, and again, the large intestine is responsible for a lot of mineral absorption. There’s a hardening within the shell of the person. And so they project that into the external world in the sense that people need to be perfect. You need to show up exactly this way, or you’re not valuing me, or you’re not honoring me. And therefore you are cut off. So like the iron Gates, these metal Gates just get closed so tightly and whatever it is that that person does not want to be with whatever they’re projecting, they are out and they will never see that thing or that person again. So there’s a real rigidity, a real perfection, a real standard that they try to uphold themselves and that they expect from other people.
So they expect this perfection. And the irony of it is, is while it’s not even an irony, actually I don’t think, um, is that you can often get caught up in a case of like, it doesn’t matter what the person does. It’s never going to be right. It’s never going to be perfect. It’s never going to have found that kind of divine balance. And I air quote that because the divine balance is actually being projected because it’s not being internalized within the own person. So also with this, because there’s this whole passage in from, again, first breath, right down to large intestine, let it go through feces there. The middle of that in a sense is the diaphragm. And I mean, obviously the diaphragm has so much to do with breathing. We already know that. So there’s a real stuckness that can occur within the, within the diaphragm.

And I put survival there, there, just because there’s a connection with water and metal in terms of the nervous system and the metal being that spidey sense in it, kind of, if it’s on the heightened sense and it Intuit something that they’re intuiting is not safe. Let’s say, I don’t really like using words, say for mental, cause it’s not really the right word, but they’re intuiting as something that they have to just be on guard about. Then that signal gets sent into the nervous system, which is very largely responsible for the water element. Sort of the water element is very much associated with the nervous system. And then we get into that fight flight response, which can give rise to anxiety. So there’s a survival instinct that kind of kicks up when our animal senses are like, something’s going on here. I need to pay attention. You know?

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