Acupuncture Points for Anxiety: the Metal Element

Alrighty, let’s get deeper into metal. We’ll recap a little bit about what we just learned. So we know that the metal element is related to the lung and the large intestine organ. Lung being the Yin organ, Large intestine being the yang organ. So let’s, uh, go deeper into understanding a little bit about what that means and why it’s important. So we have our Yin Yang symbol here. Now, most of you are probably familiar with this and on the bottom here we have, the white part is the yang energy. Now yang energy is related to warmth. It’s upward, it’s expansive. It has more of a relationship let’s say to the cosmos and to our animation and our kind of personalities, that sort of thing that makes us move and go. And then the black that is yin and yang is more related to our flesh and our bones.

It has this contracting inward cold downward movement. And so it brings everything down into earth. And it’s these two dynamics that are at play that are constantly giving rise to us and our lived experience. It’s we are the, this beautiful marriage of Yin Yang energy. So the white we’ll just talk a little bit about, um, what the symbol actually means. The white within the black, there is yang within yin and then the black w within them, white is yin within yang. And this shows us and tells us that yin and yang are never true and separate. The only time they’re actually separate is in death. When our yin body is left to kind of rot and move deeper into the earth, and our yang spirit goes up and floats away.

This is relevant because our yin organs are these organs of essence. They’re the deepest inner nature of who we are both physically physiologically, mentally, emotionally. And then we have our yang organs and the yang organs are all hollow organ. So the large intestines, a hollow organ, that means it’s meant to receive information from the outside world process, that information, refine that information, decide what is essential to bring into the kind of the inner kingdom and what is not essential. And therefore we can give back to the earth in this sort of mundane. I mean, in this case, it’s fecal better. Um, what is it that we can then give back to the earth and that, you know, we kind of go on in our next iteration. Sadness and grief and inspiration Those are the emotions that are associated with it. So inspiration would be a balanced perspective on metal or a balanced way of living within metal.

So we are being inspired right via the air. And the air sort of brings in this cosmic energy. And we take this first breath, right? When we’re first born, it’s the number one thing that we have to do before we eat before we drink anything, we take this in because I mean, the irony of this is that it’s the most essential breath is the most essential. And funny thing is it’s also the most intangible, it’s way more intangible than water. It’s way more intangible than food yet it is essential. And so this draws this beautiful parallel between how essential it actually actually is to have some sort of relationship to cosmic purpose. You can interpret that however you want, whatever your belief systems are. It does not matter, but that’s really what the metal element is beautiful at doing. And so it brings it down into our body and does that.

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