Essential Oils for Anxiety

Marjoram I’m on essential, uh, sorry. Marjoram, the essential oil on triple Energizer five. I will do a video on where triple Energizer five is. It is actually called outer gate and margoram is a wonderful oil and it’s surprising. It always surprises me how much people like this oil when it’s appropriate for them. And I was the same way. I was like marjoram, cause it’s like a kitchen herb, right? Like I don’t know. It just never, it never impressed me before until I started smelling it as an oil. And it is, um, the, the fragrance energetics of marjoram are green. So we know then with the green fragrance energetics that, well, I’m sharing this with you now that, um, it has the capacity to relax tension and kind of open things, get things moving and open them up. It’s also a little bit sweet. So it’s going to have a nice consolidating kind of earth and quality to it, but it’s less sweet I think, than it is green smelling and pungent. And so pungent also has this like outward moving, um, direction to it.

Now this is wonderful because, um, Because of that, And I don’t want to like start getting into too many dynamics with all of this stuff, but it’s, again, it’s really hard to talk about Chinese medicine without talking about how the different dynamics, um, work together. But it’s because oftentimes there is that stress within the wood system because it’s constantly trying to, um, help and nourish the heart. And so when we relaxed that, then, you know, it’s This way of sort of nourishing the heart so that the heart’s natural function of descending energy into the body can occur. Again. It also just helps us relax in general. And so, especially in, in the, in this, um, the case study that I shared with you, it’s really nice with our muscles and relaxing muscles, but i think Part of the inner nature of margoram and take this with a grain of salt, this could just be my experience with it, but I’ve also worked with it, um, with people, what I feel like it’s called for like, in these types of situations. And it seems to have a nice effect and there seems to be a, uh, an affinity, like a way that the patient is drawn into it.

When there have been Harms or Betrayals to the heart that have caused us to close ourselves off, close ourselves down, want to keep herself safe. Marjoram seems to have this beautiful way of opening it up. That’s not aggressive, it’s not insanely abrupt. It just sort of helps us get in there. And I feel like part of the unknown nature of margarine, there’s a little bit of darkness. And when I say darkness, I don’t mean, you know, that it’s like this evil force because no plant is evil. But I think that it has this ability for us to tune into some of the darkness that might be within the heart based on these betrayals, based on this mistrust. And so what it seems to do is help to open up the heart a bit so that we can start to relearn how to trust intimate situations, the outside world, other people, that kind of thing. So play around with it. Um, yeah, that’s a really beautiful oil. I like to put it in a lot of massage blends as well. Cause again, it’s really nice for muscles also. So I will show you where triple Energizer five is, and I will see you next week. All right. Take care.

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