Acupuncture Points for Anxiety; Introduction


Hey and welcome back to another video blog series on acupuncture points for anxiety. Today, we are going to finish up with the fire element and go deeper into a bit of an obscure Chinese medicine, Organ system called the triple Energizer, I air quote that because it’s not actually an organ, it’s more of a function and a concept.

If you are here for the first time. Thank you so much for showing up and joining me. And if you have been here before and you’re back for more, I really appreciate you coming back and thank you so much either way, please. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. So why the heck would you even want to be here? Well, I’m guessing that you’re here because you are interested in body-mind medicine, but in also looking at the body and the world in a new way, Chinese medicine is so wonderful and honors complexity and simplicity at the same time.

And it allows us to see how it is that our environment at large affects our internal environment and how our internal environment and our external environment are in a reciprocal relationship. Always, it also gives us a lens with which to see the unseen world and how that manifests into the seen world. So Chinese medicine really is the first functional medicine. It is a complex and adaptive system, and it is so poetic almost in understanding how it is that that energy moves spontaneously within nature. And again, how is it that that energy that spontaneously is moving in nature, we can call that flow is affecting us and where is it then that we are out of flow in our own lives. And what is it that we can do to shift our perspective, shift our behaviors, shift the way that we’re doing things so that we can bring more flow into our life.

And that is really the purpose of these videos. There’s a specific intention towards anxiety, partially because anxiety seems to be on the rise right now with everything that’s going on in the world. And it’s also, anxiety is an interesting one because it’s sort of like this backflow of energy. And it’s one of the things that, I mean, all, all disease and disorder can be seen as an out of flow without question, but anxiety in particular, part of it is us not wanting to be with reality, not wanting to be with what is happening in our lives at this given moment in time. Um, and if there’s no real tiger in the room, if there’s no real threat, how is it that you can breathe into the body and use the body to earth all of that energy so that it can, um, transform within so that it can be integrated within and ideally ultimately shifted in your life permanently.

So we’re going to start these videos by tapping our way through the Meridian of the day. So today we are going through the triple energize Meridian, sorry, the triple energizer meridian is an upper-body meridians. So what I’ve done is I’ve paired it with a lower-body Meridian that is essentially on the same circuit, and I’ve done this because it’s really important to traverse the entire landscape of the body. And the purpose of the topping is to wake us up it’s to wake up our body and it’s to sort of wake up our senses so that we can start to see, especially given what we’re going to be talking about. Where is it that maybe you feel a little bit of pain, maybe, where is it that you feel a little bit of lack of flow? Where is it that it feels hard to wake something up?

Where is it that you feel really awake and really good? And we do this because if we just talk about theories and concepts, then those theories and concepts, that ideas just live in our head. And when we, if we want to really cultivate wisdom within our life, we have to move all of those thoughts, all of those ideas into the body. And so getting into the body is one of the best ways to do this. So I will join you over on the floor and we will tap our way through. And then we are going to go through a really good-sized chunk of the five-element theory in general. Very important if you haven’t been here before to go through that, because if you don’t understand that at least to an even little minute degree, then what we’re going to talk, be talking about.

Isn’t going to make much sense after that portion, we’ll go deeper into the triple Energizer. There will be a case study. And then at the very end, we’re going to go through some ways that you can balance out the triple Energizer. If after listening, you feel like that’s an area that’s out of flow for you. So there’s, um, essential oils, there are different lifestyle techniques that you can do. Um, and all of them are super easy and super simple. And you can just employ those right now in your life. So I will see you over on the floor and we will start tapping our way through the body.


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