Ways to ease Anxiety

How to balance the triple Energizer earthing. This is with every single fire, uh, organ system, earthing earthing, earthing Because. The natural spontaneous flow of fire is that it comes down and into our body. And when there is trauma, we get into our minds. So our body and my mind becomes separate. We get kind of cut off right here and we live in our heads typically. So what we want to do to balance an earth that is we want to get right into there.

Bring everything right into that earth. And you can do this by going out in nature. You can do this by sitting, feeling into your body and meditating. You can do this by guided meditation. If you feel like sitting in silent meditation is just too much. And it’s, it’s almost impossible to get out of your head because that can be a real issue with fire element people. Um, and then breathing, because breathing is going to be an all of these, cause it just is so freaking effective with anxiety and it’s particularly effective. I shouldn’t say that it’s effective with fire imbalance because breathing, which is a function of the lungs, which is a function of the metal element, which we get to in a ways what the breath and the metal element help us do is they help bring fire cosmos spirit in and down into the body.

That’ll make more sense when we go through the metal element. But so the breathing in this case that I always recommend is to do diaphragmatic breathing, diaphragmatic breathing. You want to visualize your ribs going out as opposed to your chest puffing up. And you do that so that when you’re visualizing your breath, come in, you want to visualize it going all the way down all the way down. I like to think into water from the five element perspective, but all the way down, deep into your abdomen. So you want to go deep as deep. And as far as you can go, you want to breathe in for four and you want to breathe out for six through your nose. And we do this because we act, we relax on the exhale. Parasympathetic is more engaged in the exhale and parasympathetic is where we start to rest and heal and digest.

So breathing and I would recommend breathing, not just when you’re feeling anxiety, arising, I would recommend breathing, making, breathing a practice, like an intentional practice of sitting down and actually doing some breathing techniques. I’m working through traumas. This is just so crucial with, and this probably sounds super obvious spot, go get some therapy or, or go see somebody who is equipped to deal with what it is that you have going on and understands the importance of being in the somatic experience, the body experience, that earth experience. Cause we have got to bring these things again, fire. So specifically we have got to bring them in to the body. If it’s just talk therapy where you’re just talking, you’re like a bobblehead, you know, that’s the image that I always get. Um, it’s, it’s, I’m not going to say it’s not going to help you because I don’t know everything that’s for sure. But it’s, it’s going to be more integrative if you integrate the body and the, again, the somatic experience of that.

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