Anxiety; Triple Energizer case study con’t


Again, we go into that next, next week. But so there’s the wood element. Now, one of the jobs of the wood element, if you remember from the five element video is to marry potential from water and purpose in fire. Those are the ultimate yin yang water being ultimate yin fire being ultimate yang and wood blends and harmonizes those. So it was interesting to me that when he was stressed, so Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing being what element kind of going crazy. And its natural function is like that. It gets agitated and it doesn’t necessarily know how to execute plans and stuff. It’s going to not nourish the fire element. So it’s going to reinforce this whole thing with him, not feeling safe when people actually come in in a deeper way. So it reinforced almost his social butterfly behavior. And he felt like he had to do more and more and more and more and more, which was the irony of it.

And there’s always great ironies and all truths is that the thing he actually needed to do was stop, stop socializing, spend some time with yourself, be present with yourself. Um, and what was also happening then was that he was kind of usurping all of this energy from water. And if we go back to this, the urinary bladder is part of the water element. So when he was stressed, it was exacerbating his already present weaknesses has already present weakness constitutionally with the triple Energizer and then his already present weakness within his symptoms from the physical trauma of the concussion. So it was just like so interesting. So we, let me just see if I need to go back up here. I don’t think so. Um, yeah, so we worked on that obviously through acupuncture and then through some cupping and stuff and he started to get some really good results.

And interestingly enough, I did some herbs with him and there are Herb’s that were the most effective ended up being a formula that is quite classic to treating the heart. So yeah, it was, it was, it was interesting, but it got some good results. So that really nice. And, and, but he kept confessing himself because I think personally, he wasn’t looking at the deeper, bigger picture, so okay.

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