Anxiety and Feeling Safe

And what happens is that the mind, which again, go back to the heart, the heart video, if you want to know more about the connection with the mind, but the mind, the conscious mind, um, and the mind in general, the ego space mind has so much to do with the heart and the fire. And so when we have this experience of our boundaries being infiltrated, we start to feel unsafe like anybody coming in, it’s not safe. We don’t want them to get to the emperor, like the actual, like jewel of who we are then. And then if you remember from small intestines, see, this is the thing that’s also called flags. I’m so connected with one another with this. That’s why it’s so beautiful is that the small intestine has a tendency towards confusion, the small intestine being the Envoy or the gatekeeper to the heart directly.

Um, and, and what happens then is that we start to get confused with the mind, wants to trick us into thinking this person isn’t safe. And then we create all sorts of chaos, all sorts of upheaval, all sorts of drama. And we say, no, this doesn’t feel right for my heart. I’m going to follow my heart. And so there’s a tendency for triple Energizer, specifically out of balance to say, yeah, this doesn’t work for me. This isn’t safe. Um, no, sorry. They’re not saying this isn’t safe. There’s an internal fear and anxiety that’s going on inside this chaos in the kingdom because they feel unsafe. And so what they say is I’m going to follow my heart. My intuition says this isn’t working for me, this isn’t right. And it takes a lot of presence, which is interesting because that ties into propriety cause propriety is being in the right place at the right time, which requires our absolute presence.

And if you think about the heart, you think about a King or a queen, there’s a presence to them. You know, there’s a presence in and amongst the kingdom. And it takes a tremendous amount of presence to sit with the feelings of anxiety as they arise, when we feel threatened and to move through them, or I guess, let them move through us and let them work on us and let them actually integrate. And everybody, I mean, this is, there is no hard, fast rules to this. What so ever because,, the flip side of this can be that if the boundaries are just always down, we also can’t assess what’s safe. So there’s also a tendency with triple Energizer. If it’s more in a deficient state to stay in situations that actually aren’t safe. So abusive situations, um, situations where we’re not being cared for respected, you know, physically, mentally, emotionally. Um, so it requires presence. Presence is really the way out of this and I think personally therapy.

When I felt his pulse, um, and I don’t go into pulse in this video, I say this every time, but there’s a really good, um, video blog on the pulse, just on my website. So go ahead and check that out if you’re interested. But there was chaos within the pulse. That pulse was rapid. It was a regular, there was no regularity, right?
There was none of that propriety, none of that timing, none of that presence there, that was just this all over space. And this is where the hypervigilance comes in, because when we’re all over, it’s like nothing feels safe. And we’re in constant assessment of like, Oh my God, I think, I don’t think I can let this, Oh my God, what happens if this thing comes in and this is not safe, what am I going to do? There’s just this like frantic frenetic energy. So it’s interesting tying this kind of back into the urinary bladder piece is the place where he experienced the concussive symptoms was all up along here. This is really common with concussion. So this isn’t like going to blow anyone’s mind or anything. But I thought it was interesting because, That’s layered.

Actually. I thought it was interesting partially because the urinary bladder Meridian is like our most yang or most yang, yang Meridian, and it’s, what’s really tuning into and sensing those external and environmental cues. So there’s a, there’s a connection in with that, right. With the triple Energizer. And like I said before, I can go so much deeper into just like the dynamics of the fire and the water, which are the dynamics of yin and yang, but that’s not for this video next time or another time. So I thought that was really interesting that he was so when he was stressed and we’re going to go into a five element piece around this now. Yeah. Let’s do that. Now when he was stressed. So anytime somebody experiences symptoms that are worse with stress, we know that to some degree, to some degree there’s involvement with the wood element.

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