Anxiety and the different ways it can arise

You know, anxiety arises for people. I’m sure you all know this anxiety arises for people in very unique ways. And it’s one of the reasons it’s kind of hard to do, you know, informative videos like this, because it’s never just about one thing. So let’s say the triple Energizer or the fire element in general is just often it’s imbalanced. Well, because the system is complex and adaptive and it’s an ecosystem. Something else is going to be at play there’s other symptoms that might be arising. You might be affecting the wood element. You might be affecting the water element. You might be affecting the earth element and each element as you, hopefully, you’re coming to know if you’ve seen these videos a few times is that, um, they all relate to a different system, different set of emotions, a different set of physiological processes, different body fluids, everything.

So when we talk about anxiety, it’s, it’s so nuanced that we want to get to the root of it. Absolutely. But also the anxiety that you might experience here, even though you might have triple Energizer out of balance. So you may really connect with that. Your experience of anxiety in your body may be different from another person. So you might have the sensation of having a lot of heart palpitation. You might feel chest tightening, chest tightening. You might feel out of breath, maybe you get nauseous and you get digestive stuff. All of that goes into the dynamics of how the elements all work together, which is way beyond the scope of this. So I just want to say that because, you know, in a sense, it’s, it’s hard to go into the details of the anxiety because it is so nuanced within this. Um, but I mean, if you can connect to the theme and you know, that you experienced anxiety, then you know that this is a good place to start for sure.

So it doesn’t necessarily, I guess what trying to say is it doesn’t necessarily matter the specifics on how you experience anxiety, tune into the themes here. That’s the purpose of these videos. Within fire, fire is all about the spontaneous energy. And if you think about the nature of fire, it’s kind of like, it moves around a lot. It can be jumpy, it can be kind of excitable. And so there’s a spontaneity of life of expression and it, fire is all about our highest expression. And so there’s a spontaneity in our expression of our experience of life. That can be dampened, I suppose, if one of the fire elements is or fire organ systems is out of balance. And so, um, I think we’ll explain this through the case study, we’ll get more into the triple Energizer through the case study.

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