Anxiety and the Triple Energizer

So the spirit can maintain its absolute position in our lives. And you can think about when the spirit is disrupted. So let’s say there’s been a lot of trauma, a lot of maybe just drug or alcohol abuse. Uh, and almost I think that this is safe to say funny word, that he is, um, to which isolation and loneliness. And, you know, when there’s just like, there’s a skewed sense of, of perception and reality. And you can tell this with people and they can’t really look you in the eyes. And they’re kind of like, there’s a little bit of almost shiftiness, you know, kind of going on where they just don’t feel comfortable being present. Um, that would be a clear indication that the heart has been infiltrated. And so the pericardium and the triple Energizer are incredibly important that making sure that that spirit stays intact.

And so their job becomes in a lot of ways about that. The assessment piece in particular, the triple Energizer, because it is the outermost gate. So there’s a general theme with triple Energizer. That intimacy is not safe. We can put up boundaries or the boundaries might be, uh, not put up at all. And so it becomes about this intuitive sense of, you know, I don’t know if I want you to say listening in, but there’s an intuitive sense of what is safe and what is not. And that gets very, very, very skewed with the triple Energizer.

Again, the triple Energizer and the pericardium. It’s so hard to separate them because they both, they both really do that job, but it’s, you know, you know, if something happens, if there’s a blow to the system, a blow to the kingdom, if that triple Energizer, isn’t able to mitigate that experience and kind of just sort of naturally shift away from something that might be harmful to us and the pericardium, it gets into the pericardium and the pericardium, because it’s a yin organ, we get into deeper pathology with that. So there’s a, there’s a big assessment piece that goes along with the triple Energizer as well. And so a hyper-vigilance that can, um, take over if you’ve listened to the urinary bladder video, which would have been the second, I think that’s probably what four videos ago, three, four, sorry, it’s on the station, the YouTube channel.

There’s a lot of themes that are similar to the urinary bladder in the sense of that constant assessment of the outside world and that constant, um, and, and the hypervigilance that can occur when we are constantly worrying about being safe. Gosh, I can just go so much deeper into that, but I don’t think I will. So the anxiety that can arise when there’s a triple Energizer, uh, imbalance is when the body and the mind have not integrated a past experience. So this goes for all of the fire elements, really. Um, I mean, it can go for any of the elements, but fire, because one of its biggest jobs is to integrate emotional experiences. This can be, uh, affected and can get stuck and could get out of flow when we have not integrated those experiences. So there’s, again, that intimacy and that safety issue.

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