Emotions, Triple Energizer and Anxiety

We’ll go deeper into that in terms of the pericardium in triple Energizer in just a second, just want to remind us also that part of the fire element is related to our connection with others. A lot of it has to do, especially with pericardium and triple Energizer is our connection in intimate space. So fire helps us the heart in particular, but fire in general helps us integrate emotional experiences. The virtue associated with it is propriety, which is timing. And we won’t go too deeply into that. We go a lot deeper into that in the heart video. So if you want to check that one out, please do. I think it’s three videos back now.

Um, and the emotion associated with it as joy and sadness, and yeah, we’ll tie that we’ll tie all of that in, in a second here. So we have our yin yang, so let’s get a little bit more into the triple Energizer. The heart has mentioned in the five-element piece is considered the emperor. So the emperor sits in the highest and most coveted position of the kingdom, right? Basically on the throne, in the highest position to the cosmos, right? So that’s like our direct, um, our direct connection to spirit because of the importance of its job. It is the only Organ system, again that has three Gates to get through. So it’s got the small intestine and then it’s got the pericardium and then it has the triple Energizer. And so you can think about the heart being the emperor, the small intestine being the Envoy. So the direct messenger, basically from the, the sort of borders or the Gates inside of the kingdom, the pericardium would be more like the castle walls or like the moat and the Drawbridge. And then the triple Energizer is like the, uh, border patrol. So it’s, it’s bordering the entire kingdom and it’s constantly watching and assessing what’s going on in the external environment. So very heavily related to interpreting external and internal what’s happening, what is okay to get in ultimately to the heart and what is a threat.

So because of that, there are huge, huge, huge issues with intimacy, not feeling safe, feeling threatened around others and wanting to kind of wall ourselves off. So, um, it’s, it’s the pericardium again, is that yin Organ to the triple Energizer and the pericardium. I mentioned this again, in that last video, it it’s job. What I had said is to mitigate heat and the way that we can think about that is it, it mitigates blows to the heart so that the heart can maintain its absolute position in our lives.

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