Yin organs, Yang Organs

I say this because we have yin organs and yang organs in the yin organs are the organs of essence. They’re solid. And they are kind of the last step in a sense to receive the information that’s coming in from the outside world. And the yang organs are hollow organs. Their job is to basically act as gatekeeper. Again, you could use the word Envoy even to the yin organ. What that means is it takes in information from the outside it, because it’s hollow, it’s a processing organ.

So there’s constantly energy coming in and moving through it. Ideally this is in harmony and it takes in that information and it processes, okay, what is essential? What do we want to hang on to? What do we want to retain? That’s going to be essential for our development, our evolution, our growth, our maturation. So what is it that I’m going to send on to that, that yin deeper essence of who we are and what is it that we’re just gonna kind of send down the rest of the digestive tube and let go of, what’s not essential. What can we give back to the earth? So it’s a, it’s very much about that refinement process, the, um, the yin yang organs and how they work together.

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